Sunday 8 March 2015

Robin Ellis on the New 'Poldark' and Ross

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The original Ross Poldark, Robin Ellis, is back in the new BBC adaptation of Poldark as the Reverend Halse, but what was it like to be filming Poldark again after forty years and how did he and Aidan Turner, the new Ross, get on?

Robin said, “The first scene I played in the new version I played in the first version as Ross Poldark but I’m playing the judge this time. That was a rather curious feeling,

“I was honoured, they were very sweet to ask and I relished it. It doesn’t happen very often that an actor who did something 40 years ago is still around to take part in a new version of it, so it was an unusual situation.

“At the end of the first day’s shoot it was charming... The director came onto the set, it was a big courtroom scene so there were a lot of extras, and he said ‘before everybody goes home I would just like to say how extraordinary it is to have two Ross Poldarks in the same room’. Everybody clapped and we were all very happy.”

And how did Robin get on with Aidan?  “There was a photo session where we chatted and he told me about his early days ballroom dancing all over Ireland and I told him about my cooking We went out to dinner one night which was very pleasant (but) I wouldn’t dream of giving him advice, he’s perfectly capable. He looks wonderful and he’s very good in it.”

Source: Ipswich Star

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  1. I have to think of it as a completely different series. I grew up with Ross and Demelza and they will always be the true Poldark for me. But so happy its coming back. I've missed it (even though I still have the videos!).


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