Monday 9 March 2015

Congratulations Poldark! Nearly 7 Million Viewers

Updated 18 March 2015:  Mammoth Screen reports the consolidated viewing figure for  Episode 1 8.7 million.

Congratulations to Poldark for reaching nearly 7 million viewers with its opening episode last night, making it the BBC's best performing Sunday night drama since the first episode of The Musketeers.

Broadcast Now reports that Poldark drew an audience of 6.9 million, which was 29% share of those watching television at that time.  65% of the audience was aged 55 or above.

The Musketeers opened in January 2014 with an audience of 7.4 million  The BBC's average for this 9 pm Sunday slot for the past year has been five million (21.3%). Poldark may have benefitted somewhat from following on from the series finale of Call the Midwife which had 8.7 million viewers.

While it has some way to go to rival Downton Abbey which, even now, regularly attracts over 8 million viewers, Poldark certainly got off to a strong start. Well done!


  1. Cannot wait to see this in the USA this summer..Unfortuantely we must wait that long....Congrats to all

  2. really happy to hear that, wish the audience rating can keep rising so that we can have Season2! Chinese fan here~😊😊btw many Chinese fans love this show and cannot wait to watch ep2!!

  3. You can watch it here if you don't want to wait. I will be uploading each ep and linking to it after I down a torrent each week

  4. Yay...thank yoou so much....Love Aidan Turner...cannot wait to watch

  5. It's so lovely to welcome people watching Poldark from all around the world.

  6. Again, thank you so much for the episode 1 link...I just preordered in amazon the entire series with a delivery date of 5/15...The release date of the DVD is 5/11.....Still beats waiting until June here in the USA :)


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