Monday 30 March 2015

Twitter Q&A with Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner did a Twitter Q&A with BBC One after Episode 4 of Poldark. Here are the tweets. Enjoy! @Jamboreetweetie @BBCOne Did anything funny happen on set? @PoldarksHair @BBCOne what's best for curls & volume, Demelza's shampoo or a rinse in the sea? #AskPoldark @JacquiInFrance @BBCOne Will you do another series #AskPoldark Please say yes @VisionSisters @bbcone Hello Aidan! What are the best 3 words that would describe you? #AskPoldark @mollygarbs #askpoldark What is the name of the horse you ride? And was it you doing all the atmospheric cliff-top riding? @AFFChiefExec @BBCOne Which of Poldark's qualities do you most admire @jessiekaiser do you do anything special to get into a character's mindset? #AskPoldark @BBCOne @Mz_Scheherazade @BBCOne Did Robin Ellis give you any advice about playing Ross? @missjunglejulia @BBCOne do you remove ross's scar after shooting or keep it a few days? #AskPoldark @sarahlangworthy @BBCOne #AskPoldark how cold was the sea in the skinny dipping scene @onedsmagic @BBCOne what has been your favourite scene to film? @sweetpeeper2u @BBCOne #AskPoldark Are you aware that your hair has a following? #PoldarksHair @SadieJane_ @BBCOne do you ever find it hard to leave a character behind once you've finished filming? @Photo_Belle_ @BBCOne Which actors inspired you the most when you were growing up? #AskPoldark @Angela_x @BBCOne Loving the series. Phenomenal so far! What (if any) similarities are there between you and Ross? #AskPoldark @UlleyJill @BBCOne Did you enjoy wearing period costume? Was it comfortable? @Chrysaleth @BBCOne How easy do you find doing an English accent? It's a faultless one. @cumberbtch @BBCOne Where was the nicest place you filmed at? @Sh3r_l0cked @BBCOne what made interested you about this specific role? #AskPoldark Aidan signed off with


  1. Very cool. Sadly my question wasn't asked. Think I should have asked it during the Q and A not a couple of days before hand. Ah well if he does come to a con here this year I'll ask him in person or at his panel. So not to worry.

  2. Aw! Sorry your question wasn't answered. I also want to thank you for the link to Poldark episodes you do. It's always greatly appreciated.


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