Thursday 31 July 2014

Poldark Hairstyles

Here's a little look at some of the hairstyles we'll see in Poldark.

Photo credit Laura Viana da Silva

Photo credit Laura Viana da Silva

Hair by Laura Viana da Silva, make-up artist and hair stylist for Elizabeth (Heida Reed) in Poldark.

Sunday 27 July 2014

Yorktown Campaign Incident Re-created for Poldark

Photo credit Official Poldark

An incident from The American War of Independence Yorktown campaign will be recreated for the new Poldark series on BBC1 says Flintlock and Tomahawk. The novel Ross Poldark begins with Ross returning to Cornwall from the American War of Independence in 1783. The Seige of Yorktown took place in 1781 so fits in nicely with the story.

The historical re-enactment society Redcoats and Revolutionaries will be taking part in the filming for Poldark.

NB: In the novel Ross Poldark it says Ross took a musket ball in the ankle which resulted in him being drafted to New York, so escaping the siege of Yorktown.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Clip from Poldark Shown at TVCA Press Tour

Photo credit Official Poldark

A clip from the new BBC series Poldark starring Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark and Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza, was shown at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverley Hills, California on Tuesday 22 July, 2014. The clip was shown at the press panel for Downton Abbey along with two others for the  upcoming British dramas: Wolf Hall and Indian Summers according to Current.Org

Wouldn't we just love to have seen that?

Monday 21 July 2014

Poldark Cast on Lights, Camera, Action Tonight

Jason Gregg via CheeseandPineapple
Tim Seyfert via IMDB

Poldark supporting actor Jason Gregg has a regular radio show Lights, Camera Action on Radio CHBN in Truro on Monday nights 8 to 10 pm.

Tonight his guest speaker is Tim Seyfert, who plays a redcoat soldier in Poldark. Tim will be talking about his hidden movie gems.

Listen to Lights, Camera, Action on line at 8 pm tonight.

Jason plays a miner in Poldark. Follow the link to find out more about Jason and Lights, Camera, Action 

Thursday 17 July 2014

Aidan Turner Gives a Five Year Commmitment to Poldark

Pic credit Official Poldark

Great news!

Aidan Turner has given a commitment to play Ross in the new BBC drama Poldark for the next five yearsproviding the BBC gives the go-ahead to future seasons. Filming for the second series, should it run, is planned for September 2015.

One of the things that has concerned me about the new production is the BBC's ongoing commitment to it, so I was delighted to hear this news coming out of the Poldark panel at the Penzance Literary Festival yesterday. Debbie Horsfield, the screen writer and Karen Thrussell the executive producer for Poldark made up the panel.  Poldark fan @purplehare9 was there and she told me the news about the commitment.

As we all know, the BBC isn't flush with money and, unlike American TV stations, often uses relatively short contracts. Aidan giving a five year commitment to Poldark shows real belief in the drama by both the actor and the BBC. Those of us who remember Aidan leaving Being Human at quite short notice can feel reassured by it.

There is, however, a sting in the tale. As @purperhare9 pointed out, there are twelve books to cover and, as Debbie Horsfield says she covers two in a series, that will leave us two books short.

So c'mon BBC. Make it six years!

Update: This story was confirmed on 20 August, 2014 by Jo Booth for Poldark who told me:
What was said at the Penzance Literary Festival is that Aidan has committed himself to 5 series. This of course assumes that 5 series will be produced!  The BBC will only decide on future series after each series has gone out. While it's hoped that Poldark  will indeed run for 5 series, there is absolutely no guarantees at this stage. 

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Aidan Turner Interview with Hromadske in English!

At last!

A terrific interview with Aidan Turner in English!

Aidan talks to Hromadske about Irish film-making, returning to the stage and Poldark. He also mentions his next project -maybe  - as being a European Feature Film. Could this be Inferno?

Aidan Turner Talks to Okino

Photo via Okino

Aidan Turner talks to Okino in Ukriane about The Hobbit and Desperate Romantics.

I have just put the article through the translator and have posted it as it is,  hoping that.the gist is clear.

Okino: Do Kiely your character in "The Hobbit," a very interesting storyline of the entire trilogy. In the first film he's a warrior, in the second - in love. And what will happen to your hero in the third part?
Aidan Turner: I do not know. Honestly, I do not know. We certainly have seen a little footage, but not the entire movie. I do not know exactly how they want to reveal my character, what his emotions to be transmitted in a given scene, the scene can expand or cut during installation. And this is one of the great features of working with  Peter Jackson , who creates every second around you the whole world. Or create without you (laughs).

O:  I envy whether Keely other dwarves from "The Hobbit" because he, unlike his comrades, and did not go to the mountain with a dragon?
Aidan Turner: Though he did not go to the mountain, but in the third film of my hero will show a lot. He envies others? Perhaps, but it was not important in the image. More importantly, he has to be separated from other gnomes to part with them. Sometimes it is good to fight back from the pack and the total plot. In the first film, for example, tells who the gnomes, they are represented as a kind of brotherhood. But parting - it was good. Well, when your character is something stands out. "The Hobbit" because a small book, and Peter Jackson greatly embellished the story and shed light on the more serious topics, it was vital to make a full movie.
In the book, there is no line between love and Keely elf, and indeed, this character does not exist. I spoke with the actress who played her -Evangeline Lilly , and we both decided that the film needed a strong female character. All go to the movies, not all audiences - male. In the trilogy so many strong characters - elves, dwarves, and so on, that the heroine was a match for them is a must. Women in this film, in principle, a little bit. And it's a lot of courage on the part of Peter, that he decided to add a similar line in the plot, while respecting the spirit of the universe Tolkien.

-O: What are you most impressed by the set of "The Hobbit"?
Aidan Turner: That's what There is a misconception about "The Hobbit."When people are watching a movie, then think about it all done by computer graphics. But it is actually much less than believe. Location, nature - it's New Zealand, not props. She really looks so - excellent, incredible! Nature in the film seems unnatural, as if the graphics, but it's real. Waterfall, mountain peak - when you look at the screen, one thought: this is fake. But the fake landscapes just seem real. You will be shocked to learn that now, and what is not.

O: In New Zealand, if you happened to see the strange local fauna?
Aidan Turner: Well, we have in Ireland, of course, no kiwi birds, but "strange" I have not seen fauna. Orcs, elves, dragons - that was strange for me.Dragon, I would not even call it strange but incredibly creepy. Remember yasmotrel as Benedict Cumberbatch preparing his voice. In the studio there was a bed, and an actor on her squirming like a dragon. Amazing! And the voice of Benedict. You knew his voice in the film left virtually unchanged?It's amazing, he's very talented.

Photo via Okino

O: And you want to work on the sound system?
Aidan Turner: Yes, why not. To announce something in the style of cartoon Pixar - a good idea. When I have kids, maybe I'll look for just such a role. I would like to voice did not just a cartoon, but to give voice to some special character.

O: And what is the character?
Aidan Turner: I do not know. But the work, such as Pixar would be a major project for me.
O: Let us recall another popular your role - the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the mini-series "Desperate romance." How did you prepare for the shooting? Read books, go to museums or ...?
Aidan Turner: And then, and more. For example, in the gallery "Tate" then walked exhibition of works by Rossetti. I have read everything that you could find on the subject. That helped, but there was a moment when I thought that here, done this kind of work, but how will it affect my acting performance for me as an artist? I love working Rossetti and the Pre-Raphaelites in general, but did not know it will help me or not. Because you give us your remarks, you communicate with the director and other actors, to consider their opinions.

O: Do you think the character who you have turned, like a real Rossetti?
Aidan Turner: I do not know. I would not like to Rossetti were alive today, watched a movie and could tell that he was not as inspired not by what is shown on the screen, do not think about people and stuff. It would be hard to hear that. Actor has to offer his vision of real people. And the genre in which we have made ​​Desperate Romantics - this is not a literal biography Rossetti and others. We exercised the most creative group to convey the feelings of the writer, whose book series is based, in order to convey the romantic mood of the artistic movement, we could play with the chronology.But that's okay. Unlikely we treated disrespectfully to prototypes and real history.

Read the original article on Okino  here

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Aidan Turner's Q&A at OIFF

Here's Aidan Turner's Q&A session at the Odessa International Film Festival 2014.

The original video posted by OIFF had some sound issues but fan Andrea Stout has been able to correct these so now we can hear what Aidan is saying! Andrea has posted it on Bienniel You Tube page,

Many, many thanks to Andrea.

Monday 14 July 2014

Aidan Turner Talks to Ivana

photo credit ivana.bigmir

Irish actor Aidan Turner is a guest at the Odessa Film festival in Ukraine this week.

In an interview with Julia Myasoedova of ivona.bigmir he talks about social media, his family and friends, the bag-snatching incident, riders at hotels and being in Odessa.

You can read the full interview on ivana.bigmir but here is much of it. I have recorded the questions and responses as they appear after translation, rather than change the words, but the gist is clear.

Ivana: How do you feel about criticism? 
Aidan Turner: How do I react to criticism? (Laughs - Ed.). Well, I do not react ...What I do is part of the business. Press and media - is part of what we do. And at this point I have enough of an open relationship with the media. But I am not social pages by itself, I'm not on  Facebook, Twitter  or anything like that.And I never will. I do not blame people who are engaged in this, this - excellent. It's just that I personally do not. Because I do not watch myself on this scale, the Internet, and do not check my self with them.

I: Your family and friends comment on your work?
AT: In the life of me, my family and friends are very close. I have with them a very close relationship as friends and family. I live in Dublin (capital of Ireland), as well as any actor, I have to travel a lot, but the house - it is still native. And my heart is where my home in Dublin, Ireland. But now, I'm less likely to get hit there, and I see less and less of your family and friends. Know we have Skype! We had to find ways how to live with it. For me is very important these connections and relationships with people whom I know very long time; with whom I have a great relationship; with whom I enjoy spending time; people who help me succeed and do what I do. They give me energy and "fuse" to do their work.

Pfot credit ivana.bigmir

I: You saved the girl from a robbery on the street ... could tell us more about this incident?
AT: Yes, it's true. Actually, everything was very fast. Robber on a bicycle bag tore the girl, and I chased after him. Ran to the tram tracks. I had to jerk front of the tram, although I realize that it's not safe. I wore a hat, as the hero Indiana Jones movies, but at that moment she fell off and fell on the tracks. Right before the tram passed it - I grabbed it and put it on. Then safely bandit caught and returned the bag.

I: You have occurred before such a situation? 
AT: Hero I in everyday life? Of course! (Laughs - Ed.). No, that never happened, by the way. I do not know where it appeared like "Aidan Turner - hero" in the press all invented. I discussed all this with my friend later, of course, I know that the negative stories can make a public man, sometimes it is irresponsible and, you know, cruel, and no one needs, and entails a lot of things. But if there fabricated false stories about the good things associated with a person, well, .. like to be a hero! I can say that I am good fabricated stories do not like as well as the bad. We will never know whether it's true or fictional story ... Let's leave me a hero!

I: I read that you have a very small rider (list of demands to the organizers of your trips). Tell us what is on your rider? What you asked for when travelling to Odessa?
A:- Are you talking about the red M & M's? (Laughs - Ed.). In Odessa? Seriously, I did not ask anything. Well the bed ... it would be great to have a good sleep. I am, frankly, quite undemanding in this sense. 

Phot credit via ivana.bigmir

Photo credit ivana.bigmir

Aidan Turner's Modest Stay in Odessa

Aidan Turner is staying at the Bristol Hotel while he's a guest at the Odessa International Film Festival and, although the hotel is used to famous faces, they're delighted to find he's not at all 'starry'.

Like many of the other guests at the OIFF Aidan is there to show his support for the festival which so nearly didn't go ahead because of the political situation in Ukraine and financial setbacks.

Aidan flew economy class to Odessa in order to help the OIFF out financially, according to Prawwda. Now it seems that he's also doing his bit by staying in a small but comfortable de-luxe room in the Bristol Hotel, rather than in one of their top suites. And, unlike some stars who have stayed at the hotel in the past, he has not asked for any special treatment. It's this type of modest behaviour that endears him to so many fans. 

Photo via
Photo via

De-luxe rooms at the Bristol Hotel are decorated in a classical style with pastel colours and have a double bed, oak desk, coffee table and two armchairs with paintings of old Odessa on the wall, according to Segodnya. They also have a small balcony that overlooks the Philharmonic Theatre. 

All perfectly pleasant, of course. But a far cry from the hotel's Presidential Suite.

Bristol Hotel Presidential Suite

Sunday 13 July 2014

Aidan Turner: Real Life Hero!

Aidan via CAM
Aidan Turner who plays Ross Poldark in the new BBC drama is turning out to be a hero in real life too!

Shock News reports that Aidan, who is in Odessa for the International Film Festival, was talking to a colleague when a man on a bicycle rode by and snatched the girl's handbag. Aidan chased after the robber and got the bag and all it's contents back for his colleague.

What a star he is!

Update 14 July 2014
Having read a translation of Aidan's interview with ivana it seems that, although Aidan at first gives an account of this story he continues his next answer with, "No, that never happened, by the way". Although it's not completely clear,  I'm inclined to believe the whole story is a fabrication.

Q&A with Aidan Turner at the Odessa International Film Festival

photo via BBC

Aidan Turner is taking part in a Question and Answer session at the Odessa International Film Festival today and you can join in!

The OIFF have asked you to post any of your questions for Aidan on their facebook page . Questions must be posted by 2 pm local time.

The session starts at 3 pm Ukraine time, which is 1 pm UK time. There is live streaming of the OIFF  although it is unclear whether this Q&A will be live streamed. However, there is also an OIFF You Tube channel where the Q&A will be shown.

Thursday 3 July 2014

'Da Vinci's Demons' Emmy Nominations for 'Poldark''s Hair and Make-up Team?

Jacqueline Fowler Photo BAFTA
Looks like congratulations will soon be in order for two of Poldark's hair and make-up team as it seems Jacqueline Fowler and Laura Viana da Silva have been nominated for an Emmy for Da Vinci's Demons. 

The Emmys aren't officially announced until 10 July but Laura wrote on facebook 'Eu estou nomeada para Emmys para meu trabalho na segunda temporada - do Da Vinci's Demons!' ('I'm nominated for Emmys for my work on the second season - Da Vinci's Demons')
In the Emmy voting information Laura appears with Jacqueline Fowler in the category of Outstanding Makeup for a Single Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) for the episode of Da Vinci's Demons called The Rope of the Dead.

Laura Viana da Silva
Photo via
Jacqueline and Laura both work on Poldark. Jacqueline is the make-up and hair designer, responsible for the overall design of the cast's look and Laura is one of her team of hair and make-up artists who has particular responsibility for the hair and make-up of Elizabeth Poldark played by Heida Reid.

The Emmy nominations will be officially announced on 10 July. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards Ceremony is on 16 August, 2014 in Los Angeles.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Aidan Turner: The Best Sleeper

Looks like Aidan Turner's fellow The Hobbit actor Jed Brophy was right.

Jed named Aidan the best sleeper in an interview with jaimepaslactu saying, 'The one who slept the most was Aidan Turner. Always asleep. Had to wake-him up between takes all the time. He manages to sleep in awful lot. I think it’s cause he really likes the nightlife.'

And here is Aidan during the filming of the wrecking scene in Poldark living up to his reputation!

Photo Mike Thomas

Pictures of Poldark Filming

Laura in the make-up trailer

Here are some of Hair and Make-up Artist Laura Viana da Silva's photos from her facebook page

Horton Court


A typical lunch

Wheal Leisure




Laura Viana da Silva: Elizabeth's Hair and Makeup Artist

International celebrity Hair and Make-up Artist Laura Viana da Silva is Elizabeth's (Heida Reid's) make-up and hair stylist on Poldark. Laura is an expert in period styling and her job is to realise the designs Hair and Make-up Designer Jacqueline Fowler has produced for Poldark. This she may have to do two or three times a day if several scenes are being shot.

Laura trained at the London College of Fashion and started her career working on Phantom of the Opera.
Her credits include The Crimson Petal and the White and Fleming and recently she has worked with Jacqueline Fowler on Da Vinci's Demons.

As well as hair and make-up for the main team Laura does special effects make-up like this cut

She also makes wigs

Here she is in the make-up trailer where she works

All photos are from Laura's facebook page. Why not give it a like?

First Look at Sabrina Bartlett as Keren Daniel

Sabrina Bartlett as Keren Daniel. Photo by Nick Kenyon
This stunning picture gives us our first look at Sabrina Bartlett as Keren Daniel in Poldark. I wonder what's on her mind?
Many thanks to Nick Kenyon  @Njkfoto for this gorgeous photo.