Sunday 29 March 2015

Eleanor Tomlinson on Chores, Aidan and Poldark

Photo via The Times

Eleanor Tomlinson plays Demelza in the BBC's new adaptation of Poldark.  In an interview with The Times she talks about getting the role, filming Poldark, and Aidan Turner.

Eleanor was called up in early 2014 to audition for the part of Elizabeth but, because it was Demelza she was interested in, she wore her bother's clothes and no make-up and had her hair in"a messy, greasy horrible bun". Subsequent auditions included a "chemistry test" with Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark). She says, "It was obvious from the beginning that Aidan and I could work well together. I think, at that chemistry test, there was definitely a sense in the room where you knew that the people watching us liked what they were seeing. Yes. There was a definite energy."

The media seems to have become obsessed with Aidan's body lately, but as Eleanor says, "Look, he's got a great body, and he works very hard at it, and it's great that people are talking about the show, But I'm hoping that the hysteria around it will die down slightly, and people will start talking about the storylines. Because it's getting a little bit tiring, even for Aidan. I think he's getting to the point where he's like, 'Oh God! Come on!'" 

However she does note that "It's nice to see a man doing it, as opposed to the women, who seem to have to go full frontal all the time now.I don't do nudity, I don't feel the need to do it. In fact it's sexier if you don't do nudity. Especially nowadays when it's become all that sells a series. Poldark has proven that you don't need nudity to convey a sexual relationship. It can be something as simple as the hair on the back of my neck moving as he's kissing me. It's the tiny things that get you hot under the collar."

When it comes to all those chores Demelza does Eleanor says, "My family make fun of me about the sweeping, because I'm always sweeping onto my feet. And apparently you sweep to the side." 

Eleanor also had something to say about the horse-riding. Having ridden since she was two years old, she's a better rider than Aidan, ("although I don't think he'd admit it") who has only ridden in recent years. So in some of the scenes where they ride the same horse it is Eleanor who holds the reins. 

Eleanor has signed on for three more series of Poldark, should the BBC give the go-ahead  to future seasons. "Everyone is talking about Poldark now," she says. "Everyone is loving it. And that's great...  I've done a job that's been received well, and that's the biggest compliment."

The Times Saturday 28 March, 2015


  1. Such an interesting article! I only watched the first 2 episodes, but I already love Demelza's character.

  2. Just watched Episode 4 and I was smiling every time Ross and Demelza were together ~ what a joy to watch ~ definitely great chemistry ~ love these 2! I want more seasons for sure!


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