Friday 27 March 2015

Episode 4 Preview

In this week's episode:

News of the marriage between Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) shocks Trenwith - with Charles' (Warren Clarke) amusement at the union bringing on a fatal heart attack. On his death-bed he asks Ross to look after Francis (Kyle Soller) who is drinking, gaming and whoring his family’s money away.

Verity visits Nampara and despite Demelza’s worry that she is too common for Verity (Ruby Bentall), the two quickly become firm friends, and Verity teaches Demelza how to be a refined lady.

Wheal Leisure has still not hit copper and the money is running out. Ross turns to his investors, but finds they are unwilling to throw away good money after bad. They must hit copper soon or Wheal Leisure will have to close after Christmas.

Francis and Elizabeth invite Ross and Demelza to Trenwith for Christmas. Demelza is welcomed into the Trenwith Poldarks and appraised by Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston), who never minces her words.

A new character to look out for this week is John Treneglos, played by actor and comedy performer Daniel Cook

Source: BBC

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