Evie Bowman - Founder
I love finding bits and pieces of news about TV and cinema and a blog is a great way to share them.
Since 2011 I've been a reporter for Middle-earth News (@MiddleEarthNews), a website that covers all things Tolkien from art and literature to Peter Jackson's films. This includes The Hobbit movies in which, of course, Aidan Turner stars as Kili the dwarf. I work with a great team and it's a lot of fun! And we get to do cool things like go to premieres and interview actors, artists, and the film crew.
I came to Middle-earth News through an article I wrote about Being Human, a drama I love and which, of course stars Aidan. Middle-earth News saw it and offered me a job.
I started Poldarked within a few days of hearing Aidan had been cast as Ross in the new adaptation, never imagining it would keep me so busy from the outset in March 2014. I've read all of the books and look forward to seeing the story unfold on our screens in the years to come.

India Rose - Graphics
After creating a personal graphics blog five years ago, I taught myself how to use Photoshop and since then have been creating graphics of the things I love.
I am a film student at the University of Nottingham and so am fascinated by all things film and television, but, in particular, I have a love for novel to screen adaptations.
Since the BBC's latest adaptation of Poldark aired this year, it has very much joined my life of fascinations - and I cannot wait to start making creations for Poldarked to celebrate its brilliance.


  1. Good Day
    Very I love this series Poldark, I love Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner).
    I wish you a nice shooting a nice day
    Let your series follows a lot of fans

  2. Oh my. I had the same wondering about mining and the dashing Mr. Turner. I am pleased to read though, that he prefers riding, as a life long horse person, the horses in both series make me very happy.

  3. I'm trying to audition for poldark if anyone knows anywhere to audition?

  4. I love this site and you all do a fantastic job with everything. I love the way you keep us up to date with all that's happening. You are one of the best. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Well worth my time. Good luck in the future with all you do.

  5. this is a tip for anyone reading the Poldark novels. I am on the 7th book now and really enjoying them. Apart from the main characters there is much to be enjoyed in the wonderful descriptions of Cornwall and the historical/political background to the series. Anyway, you can at the moment buy 3 novels for £5 at The Works book stores. There is usually one in every largish town. Best wishes to all Poldark fans.

  6. About the first episode of season 3: Demelza was not at the death bed of her father, Dwight and Caroline did not get married (in the book) before he went to sea... Ross and Demelza didn't get to understand that it's Ross' child... Ross made very good arrangements for aunt Agatha's well-being at Trenwith, while the rest of the family stayed at Cardew... and so on, and so on.... Debbie, what the ... did you do with the original story?? Did Winston Graham's children agree?? - But, I must say, I enjoyed it never the less :-) - And, I think (completely my opinion) that Aidan Turner was not pleased himself about the huge changes Debbie wrote into the show. As an answer to the question what will happen in season 3 he said: "Honestly, I don't know what Debbie has even kept in from the books or not, so I'm not gonna speculate and say something -
    and have Debbie call me and saying, hey mate, we gonna change that a bit - because that she do it, kick my ass" - Seems clear to me. - Kind regards, Cilia, from the Netherlands

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  7. I love your show!!! I can not wait until 10/1/17 for Season 3. Please keep this series going!!!

  8. I love Poldark and have a great respect and admiration for Aidan Turner. Over the years I have followed his career and own most of it. Thanks to your website, you have given me a much needed link to all things Aidan and Poldark. The US doesn't report much on quality UK entertainment. The UK has the best shows and actors.

  9. Can you tell us what was in the 3 minute clip from S4 E1 that you saw