Tuesday 27 September 2016

CLIP: Preview of Poldark S2 Episode 5

Thanks to Poldarked Fangirl for posting this preview of Poldark S2 Episode 5 which appeared at the end of BBC's Episode 4.

Monday 26 September 2016

Viewing Figures for 'Poldark' S2

Well done Poldark!

Last night Poldark Series 2 recorded it's highest number of viewers so far with 5.15 million (23.5% share) watching Episode 4 according to Overnights.tv., just beating the S2 premiere which had 5.1 m (22.7%) and well up on the previous week of 4.7m.

The 7 day consolidated figures for Poldark S2 for Episodes 1, 2 and 3 give 6.7m, 6.3m and 6.2m viewers per episode respectively. While the numbers are down on Series 1, which had between 8.7m (Episode 1) and 6.8m (Episode 7) viewers, the show still performs strongly.

Much has been made of Poldark going head to head with Victoria but the TV ratings show that the episodes of Victoria that have clashed with the first three episodes of Poldark have 7.75m, 7.6m and 7.65m viewers if  ITV +1 is included and 6.m, 5.8m and 5.8m if it is not.  So Victoria comes out top with one set of figures and Poldark with the other.

The 7 day consolidated figures are produced by BARB; the data gives the number of people watching a programme on the day plus those who recorded it and played it back within a seven day period. The figures do not include iplayer: these should be available from the BBC at a later date.

Poldark S2 premiered in Australia yesterday with 479,000 viewers watching it in the five city metro area according to TV Tonight, putting it at number 10 in the Top 10 rankings. Series 1 premiered to 649,000 people last year making it ninth in the rankings.

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Sunday 25 September 2016

Clip from Poldark S2 Episode 5

Elizabeth talks to Ross of love

Who to Look Out for in Poldark S2 Episode 4

There are some familiar characters returning to Poldark in  Episode 4 and some new ones to look out for too!

Andrew Blamey
Andrew Blamey (Richard Harrington), Verity's husband, arrives on the scene this week along with two new characters, his children from his first marriage, Esther (Isabella Parriss) and James (Alexander Morris).

Alexander Morris
Isabella Parriss

Mark Daniel
Also returning from Series 1 is Mark Daniel (Matthew Wilson) who Ross helped escape after he killed his wife Keren for having an affair with Dr Enys.

Charlie Kempthorne and Dwight Enys
Photo: Official Poldark

A couple of new characters of note are Mr Trencrom (Richard McCabe), a smuggler, and Charlie Kempthorne (Ross Green), a miner/sailmaker.

Richard McCabe

Saturday 24 September 2016

Designing 'Poldark' S2 MPT Programme Guide

Megan Bohawn designed the cover and feature pages for Poldark S2 for Maryland Public Television's programme guide. Megan says: I took inspiration from the moody setting in the Cornish port. I also incorporated historic maps of England to embrace the historic drama of the show.

Friday 23 September 2016

Friday 16 September 2016

Friday 9 September 2016

Video Clips: Poldark S2 Episode 2

Here are a couple of clips from Poldark S2 Episode 2 : 'I am a gentleman's wife' and 'This man stole my daughter'

Video: Poldark -Where we Left Off

Aidan Turner (Ross), Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) and Heida Reed (Elizabeth) talk to PBS Masterpiece about PoldarkS2

Thursday 8 September 2016

Free Poldark Preview Screenings in US

There are some free preview screenings of the first hour of Poldark Series 2 being held in the US.  Here are some we've heard of but suggest you contact your local PBS channel to find out if one is being held in your area.

IdahoPTV - Wed 21 Sept, 6.30 - 8.30 pm Village Cinema, Meridian

WXXI -  Sun 11 Sept., 10.30 am - noon, The Little Theatre, 240 East Ave.

KCTS 9 -  Thur 22 Sept., 8 pm  KCTS 9 Studios, 401 Mercer St., Seattle

NPT -   Thur 15 Sept.,  6pm - 7 pm  Frist Centre, Nashville

Own the Sofa the Poldark Cast Sat On!

Photo: BAFTA

Here's your chance to own the sofa the Poldark team sat on after their win at the BAFTA Television Awards earlier this year! The sofa is being offered as a prize in a charity auction to raise money for the Richard Attenborough Celebration Gala in October.

All the evening's winners from Mark Rylance to Lenny Henry were interviewed on this sofa and the prize includes framed photos of some of the stars sitting on it. The sofa itself is a charcoal grey three-seater donated by SCS Sofas.

To make a bid follow this link.  The minimum bid is £250 and there are 4 days left to bid in.

Good luck!

Official Poldark Calendar 2017 Available Now!

The Official Poldark Calendar 2017 is out! It has some new pictures of all our favourite characters from the show on quality, glossy paper.  Robin Ellis as the Reverend Halse is there to give a chill to March and Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) to welcome in the Spring in May. Aidan Turner (Ross) starts off the year in January and, of course, there are a couple of Ross and Demelza.  I particularly like June's photo which is Kyle Soller as Francis.

The calendar measures 305mm by 305mm and is available NOW from Danilo, price £8.99 with free UK delivery (worldwide delivery available).

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Aidan Turner is GQ's TV Actor of the Year!

Aidan Turner, GQ Awards, TV Actor of the Year 2016
Congratulations to Aidan Turner!

Aidan won the TV Actor of the Year Award 2016  at the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night. His friend and fellow The Hobbit actor James Nesbitt presented him with the award.

The awards were held at the Tate Modern and the winners were chosen by the GQ editorial team.

Aidan managed to attend despite spending the morning filming Poldark S3 at Chavenage House (Trenwith in the drama) in Gloucestershire. He was not, however, up for partying to celebrate his success afterwards saying, 'I am having an early night. I'm going home straight after. I'm going back to Bristol' ready, no doubt, for any early start to filming today.  According to the Belfast Telegraph he did, however, confirm he was open to signing up for a fourth series of Poldark adding, 'I'm going to tackle this and see how we get on.'

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Drake, Sam and Morwenna Cast in Poldark S3

Exciting news!
Drake and Sam Carne, Demelza's brothers, and Morwenna, Elizabeth's cousin, have been cast in Poldark S3 and don't they all look just right?

Poldark S3, Harry Richardson, Ellise Chappell, Tom orke, Drake, Morwenna, Sam Carne
Harry Richardson, Ellise Chappell and Tom York

If you haven't read the books then let me just say that these are important characters with some of the best story lines and are very much a part of the Poldark saga. 

Sam takes after his father and is a devout Methodist holding on to his faith no matter what he faces. He'll be played by Tom York whose credits include two other Mammoth Screen productions Endeavour and Agatha Raisin.  He was also in an episode of  Death in Paradise earlier this year (but not the same one as Heida Reed). Tom comes from Hampshire.  He trained at LAMDA in London for four years from the unusually young age of 17. You can follow him on Twitter at @TomYork_ 

Harry Richardson has been cast as Drake, the good-natured younger brother who knows how he should behave but can't resist going his own way. Harry was one of the leads in the period drama Doctor Thorne. He graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2014 and, although he has lived in Australia for some years, he went to school in England until he was 12.

Morwenna comes to live in Trenwith as governess to Elizabeth and Francis's son Geoffrey Charles. Ellise Chappell has been cast in the role. Last year Ellise appeared in the National Youth Theatre's REP Season and she was on our TV screens recently in the drama New Blood. Ellise's Twitter is @Ellisehere

Filming on Poldark S3 started this week so the cast are already busy.

But what I want to know is, who is playing Hugh Armitage?

Filming Begins on Poldark Series Three

Poldark, Aidan Turner, Joss Agnew
Photo: Official Poldark

Filming of Poldark S3 has begun and Aidan Turner has reportedly already been spotted riding through the gates of Chavenage House (Francis and Elizabeth's home, Trenwith).

The clapper board tells us that the director is Joss Agnew Jekyll and Hyde, Mr Selfridgeand, something new, the Director of Photography (DOP) is David Rom whose credits include Mr Selfridge and The Wrong Mans.

VIDEO: A Look Behind the Scenes of Poldark

Producer Margaret Mitchell,Supervising Location Manager David Johnson and Makeup Designer Pamela Haddock talk about filming Poldark in Cornwall.
Video: National Trust

VIDEO: 'Poldark' Cast Talk to Spotlight

from kayamaj on Vimeo.

Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson and Jack Farthing talk to BBC Spotlight about Poldark, Cornwall and cream teas at the Poldark series two premier in St Austell, Cornwall. Thanks to Kayamaj for posting on Vimeo

Monday 5 September 2016

Sunday 4 September 2016

Who's Who in the First Episode of Poldark S2

With just a few hours to go before Poldark airs in the UK, here's a rundown of some of the characters, familiar and new,  we'll meet in the first episode.

The Familiar

ROSS POLDARK (Aidan Turner)
Ross’s dogged belief in justice and morality puts him at odds with the class into which he was born and, as a champion of the common people, threatens to become his undoing. 

DEMELZA POLDARK (Eleanor Tomlinson)
Demelza assumed her position as Ross’s wife with a grace few foresaw but a niggling sense of lowliness haunts her. She finds herself wrestling to not only save Ross from himself, but to embrace her own independence.

Elizabeth (married to Francis) finds herself torn between the present and what could have been. As the Poldarks stand divided, Elizabeth seeks to unify them but finds her loyalties called into question along the way.

Francis (Ross's cousin) is a good man, but one plagued by self-pity and poor decisions. Jealously belying his true nature has fuelled Francis into actions at odds with his loyalties, actions he now seeks to rectify.

George will stop at nothing to increase the might of his family’s banking empire, believing that with power comes the key to increased social respectability - something he desperately craves. Ross despises George.

VERITY BLAMEY (Ruby Bentall)
Verity (Ross's cousin) broke from her role as a dutiful daughter to marry Captain Andrew Blamey, a man with a dark past. Though happily in love, she yearns for familial reunion.

AUNT AGATHA (Caroline Blakiston)
As wily and cunning as ever, Agatha sees more than she lets on and hears more than anyone would believe.

DWIGHT ENYS (Luke Norris)
Dwight is motivated by a fierce morality and strong principles. His mettle is tested, however, by the arrival of Caroline Penvenen - a woman who pulls Dwight from the familiar and into the thrilling. Dwight is a loyal friend to Ross.

JUD (Phil Davis) and PRUDIE PAYNTER (Beatie Edney)
As Ross’s servants and his father’s before him, Jud and Prudie take liberties like it were part of the job. For all the trouble they cause, however, they are among the most loyal people in Ross’s life.

HARRIS PASCOE (Richard Hope)
Ross’s banker and long standing friend, Pascoe is a shrewd businessman. He frequently counsels Ross to be more cautious in his business dealings, and frequently fails.

A powerful Magistrate who has little sympathy for the poor and is angered by Ross's constant flaunting of the law

The New

Caroline is a complete minx: rich, beautiful and clever. She delights in tormenting people, but underneath there is a sweet, generous and complex heart.

RAY PENVENEN (John Nettles)
Caroline's kindly, sweet-toothed old uncle who has raised her since she was orphaned. Ray is one of the county's most wealthy and powerful gentlemen.

Unwin dreams of becoming an MP only so that Caroline (and her fortune) will consent to marry him. He is obsessed with the latest fashions and not the sharpest tool in the box.​ Unwin adds some comic relief to the story.

TANKARD (Sebastian Armesto)
Tankard is the Warleggan’s iron fist in legal matters, helping navigate the law to identify areas George can exploit for his gain.

        Turlough Convery plays TOM HARRY
        Tom Harry is one of Warleggan's henchmen

Source: BBC Media  

Poldark S2 DVD Available for Pre-Order Now!

Poldark S2 is now available for pre-order in the UK and US. The DVD is made up of three discs and includes over an hour of extras.

The DVD in the UK costs £21.99 and is due for release on 7 November, 2016.
Pre-order it from Amazon here 

The DVD in the US costs $44.99 and the Blu-Ray $54.99. Both are due for release on 22 November, 2016.

Pre-order the DVD from Amazon here

and the Blu_Ray here

All The Fun of the Fight

The second series of Poldark has its fair share of fights and fisticuffs with Ross (Aidan Turner), George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) and even Dr. Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) seeing a bit of action.

Aidan has had plenty of fight training over the years as many of his screen roles have involved a brawl or battle somewhere along the way. Making Desperate Romantics in 2009, Aidan said he found the scene where he's involved in a punch-up 'scary', but he sees things differently now on Poldark. ‘I really enjoy the fight scenes, they are so much fun,' he says, 'George is working out, he’s boxing and training so he is well able to handle himself these days which makes the fight more interesting. He’s quite vicious in some of these fights. There’s a lot of strangling and throwing ourselves into bookcases, and smashing glass. I put his head into a fire at one stage! Jack (Farthing) is a lovely guy, that’s probably why I enjoy the fight scenes so much because I really like him. He is such a brilliant actor, and I have learnt so much from him.’

And it seems Jack Farthing who plays George has been preparing himself for a scrap. As Jack reveals, ‘George persuades himself that the thing to do is to try and become more
Photo: Official Poldark
of a physical match for Ross, not that he ever really will. To present himself as a different kind of man, not all curlers and frills, he decides to build himself up and starts training. We did some 18th Century boxing, which is very different to modern boxing, it’s all sort of long arm and at a distance. It looks quite funny and a little pathetic…

‘I had a great day with an amazing stuntman who had literally just stepped off the Bond film the day before - he was an absolute tank! George may not be made of muscles but if he puts his mind to something it will be right. That’s what I wanted to aim for. By the end he is a real match for his instructor. That was really good fun.’

Luke Norris as Dwight Enys also gets involved in the fights and, for Luke, this is a reminder of earlier times. ‘About six years ago I got hit in a stage fight and it has left a permanent scar on my face so I am always a bit wary about the fight scenes,' he says, 'I was doing this play for six weeks and we went out on stage one time and instead of aiming to miss the guy had a brain burp and clobbered me straight in the mouth. I’m properly cautious now.’ But Dwight is a loyal friend of Ross's and is always there for him. As Luke says, 'Dwight’s definitely a corner man in the fight. Ross is the boxer and Dwight is the man patching him up.’

Well I'm really glad Dwight is there to look after Ross and, while I'm flinching at Ross being hit at least I can now tell myself that this is Aidan's idea of fun!

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Source: BBC Media

Saturday 3 September 2016

Eleanor Tomlinson Talks Poldark on This Morning

Eleanor Tomlinson chats about the evolution of her character from the start of series one, and how Aidan Turner feels about being a sex symbol on ITV's This Morning, 2 September 2016.

Thursday 1 September 2016

VIDEO: Eleanor and Heida at The Bottle Yard Studios

In this video Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) and Heida Reed (Elizabeth) talk about the Poldark set at The Bottle Yard Studios and about living in Bristol.

Thanks to The Bottle Yard Studios for posting.

VIDEO: Aidan Turner Full BBC Breakfast Interview

Aidan Turner BBC Breakfast Full Interview 1 Sept 2016 from Media Videos on Vimeo.

The interview was recorded at the BFI on Monday 22 August, 2016, just before the preview screening of Poldark. Aidan signed autographs beforehand, went to be interviewed then walked back to the Green Room.
Many thanks to Media Videos for posting.

VIDEO: Aidan Turner Talks Poldark on BBC Breakfast

The interview was recorded at the BFI on Monday 22 August, 2016, just before the preview screening of Poldark. Aidan signed autographs beforehand, went to be interviewed then walked back to the Green Room.

VIDEO: Aidan Turner Talks Seamus on BBC Breakfast

Aidan Turner talks about his horse Seamus in this clip from BBC Breakfast.The interview was recorded at the BFI on Monday 22 August, 2016, just before the preview screening of Poldark. Aidan signed autographs beforehand, went to be interviewed then walked back to the Green Room.

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