Friday 13 March 2015

Poldark Episode Two

When the local mine Wheal Reath is closed, hundreds of miners, including Jim (Alexander Arnold), find themselves out of work and desperately poor. Ross (Aidan Turner), having repaired the family home of Nampara, now employs Jim as a farm-hand, and thinks to resurrect his family’s mine (Wheal Leisure) with the hope of bringing prosperity to the area again.
Meanwhile, Verity (Ruby Bentall) asks Ross to accompany her to a ball at the Assembly Rooms, where she meets and falls in love with Captain Andrew Blamey (Richard Harrington). However, Blamey is hiding a dark secret that Verity's brother Francis (Kyle Soller) and father Charles (Warren Clarke) are horrified to discover.
Ross, with the help of mine Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth) and willing investor Horace Treneglos (Michael Culkin), manages to convince banker and friend, Harris Pascoe (Richard Hope) that Wheal Leisure is a viable business.

But it is Ross' intimate dance with Elizabeth (Heida Reed) that causes a stir at the ball and gives the other guests a reason to gossip.

Under George’s (Jack Farthing) influence, a jealous Francis (Kyle Soller) decides not to go into business with Ross. Meanwhile, Ross must help Verity arrange a tryst with Captain Blamey after Charles discovered Blamey’s scandalous past and forbids her from seeing him. Francis, spurred by his jealousy of Ross and angered by this fresh betrayal, challenges Blamey to an ill-fated duel. Ross is able to save Francis’ life, but Charles (Warren Clarke) blames Ross for the incident and will not forgive him. Elizabeth, however, is extremely grateful to Ross, revealing that she is pregnant with Francis’ child.

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