Aidan Turner's Career

Photo: Gaiety School of Acting

Graduated from the Gaiety School of of Acting, Dublin

Photo: Kieran McBride

Dr Sugar in Suddenly, Last Summer at the Focus Theatre, Dublin Fringe Festival

Corporal Stoddard in The Plough and the Stars at The Barbican Theatre, London and Cork Opera House

Photo via Peter Gaynor
Ardan in A Cry From Heaven at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. Thanks to Aidan Turner Corner for finding this photo.

Photo: Performance Corporation 
Hercules in Yokohama Delegation, Performance Corporation, Kilkenny Arts Festival

Photo: Ros Kavanagh

Demetrius in Titus Andronicus at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Photo via Liam Halligan
Patsy (Tinker), Pan, Leprechaun 3, Shawn, Absolute Beauty, Mac Cushin (The Boy) in The Crock of Gold, a Storytellers production at the Olympia Theatre and on tour.

Photo via The Performance Corporation
Appeared in The Performance Corporation's production of Drive-by at the Cork Mid-Summer Festival, the Dublin Fringe Festival and the Canterbury Arts Festival

Pic via @eviebowman
Christian in Cyrano at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Appeared as a young man working out alongside a girl playing the piano in the Bedrock Theatre production of La Marea at the Dublin Theatre Festival

Photo: Ros Kavanagh
Paris in Romeo and Juliet at the Abbey Theatre. 

Aidan in rehearsals. 
Used with permission from Ros Kavanagh 

Television and Film

Bedoli in The Tudors. Film thanks to Aidan Turner Forever


2007  Theodoro in the short film Matterhorn.

Father in the short film The Sound of People

Kevin in Porcelain  (unreleased feature film)

Mal in the feature film Alarm 

Receptionist Ruairi McGowan in The Clinic for RTE TV

Vampire John Mitchell in Being Human BBC3

Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti in Desperate Romantics  BBC 1

 2010  TT in Resonance (unreleased film)

2011 John Schofield in Hattie BBC4 

The dwarf Kili in The Hobbit trilogy of films

Werewolf Luke Garroway in feature film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

2015 - 2019
Ross Poldark in Poldark Series 1-5  2015-2019  BBC 1

Series 4 aired in the UK in June 2018.
Series 5 aired in the UK in July 2019

Photo Harry Reid
Jack Conroy in the feature film The Secret Scripture   Released March 2017

Photo: Hugh Welchman
Boat Man in the animated feature film Loving Vincent.  
Screening dates worldwide

Russell Hawke in the US movie Love is Blind.

UK digital release by distributors Signature Entertainment  on 25 March, 2019.
US release 8 November, 2019.

Aidan with Make-Up Designer Marella Shearer Photo: Wenn
Philip Lombard, a mercenary soldier, in the BBC production of the Agatha Christie novel And Then There Were None  Aired in UK Christmas 2015 and in US 2016.

The young Calvin Barr in The Man who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot. August 2017

US theatre and digital release 8 February 2019
UK DVD and digital release from May 2019

23 June - 8 September 2018
Mad Padraic in The Lieutenant of Inishmore st the Noel Coward Theatre, West End, London.

September 2019  Apostle Andrew in The Last Planet. Filming autumn 2019.  Possible release 2022.

October 2019 Leonardo de Vinci in LeonardoTV series for  The Alliance co-production group. Filming from December 2019. Release 2020.


  1. How in the world was he able to do so many roles in 2015? Poldark itself, took about 6 months to film.

  2. Because he is a comet! Young, full of energy and passion which comes across in everything he does.

  3. Aidan puts every bit of "himself" into every role...... a "GREAT" young actor on a journey I hope never ends !!

  4. The emotional depth and breath he brings to all of his roles from Vampire to Captain Poldark he pulls you in at every turn and twist of his character and leaves you wanting more........

  5. As a Christie faan,I'm impatient to see what he'll do in the part of Lombard

    1. So, what did you think? I've watched it several times now and yesterday sat my 17 year old grandson down to watch it. His comment about Phillip Lombard - "He's really a jerk, isn't he?" I thought, "Got it in one, Sweetie!" It was a pleasure to watch that cold, calculating, narcissistic jerk unravel when he lost his gun, and started to realize he wasn't in control of his fate! Like a cornered animal! What a performance! The screenplay was pretty good, but I didn't like the way the women were written as quite passive, while the Marston, Armstrong & Blore characters were way over the top. Also, the servants were somewhat charicaturized. Lombard, MacArthur and Wargrave were all spot on, though. I thought Aidan, Sam Neill and Charles Dance were all just spectacular - perfectly balanced performances! Loved the backstory flashback sequences, too. All in all, I loved it & I think Dame Agatha would have been thrilled with this adaptation. Your thoughts? (Pam D. USA)

  6. Have watched Poldark several times and each time it is better. He is such a fantastic young actor. He is mesmerizing - I hope he continues to have a wonderful career - he deserves it.

  7. About the latest project: 'The man who killed Hitler and than the Bigfoot': brilliant casting: Sam Elliot as an older version of Aidan Turner! - Can't wait to see the result. . Kind regards, Cilia from the Netherlands

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  9. I absolutely love Aiden Turner in Poldark! I hope the USA starts realizing his star value and put him in some great roles. He is truly a star. His chemistry with Demelza is absolutely beautiful. Love watching him..

  10. I absolutely love this series. I have watched all four seasons, beginning to end, several times and never tire of it. Aiden Turner is remarkable. An incredibly attractive man, excellent actor, and yes, great chemistry with Eleanor Tomlinson's Demelzea. Eleanor is a remarkable actress, as well. It would have expanded the Hugh Armitage/Demelzea connection if Ross and Demelzea had explored how Demelzea was vulnerable, hurting, and neglected by Ross' treatment of her. The Hugh character saw that opening and walked in. I also very much enjoyed the scenes where Josh Whitehouse/Hugh appeared.


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