Tuesday, 27 September 2016

CLIP: Preview of Poldark S2 Episode 5

Thanks to Poldarked Fangirl for posting this preview of Poldark S2 Episode 5 which appeared at the end of BBC's Episode 4.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Viewing Figures for 'Poldark' S2

Well done Poldark!

Last night Poldark Series 2 recorded it's highest number of viewers so far with 5.15 million (23.5% share) watching Episode 4 according to Overnights.tv., just beating the S2 premiere which had 5.1 m (22.7%) and well up on the previous week of 4.7m.

The 7 day consolidated figures for Poldark S2 for Episodes 1, 2 and 3 give 6.7m, 6.3m and 6.2m viewers per episode respectively. While the numbers are down on Series 1, which had between 8.7m (Episode 1) and 6.8m (Episode 7) viewers, the show still performs strongly.

Much has been made of Poldark going head to head with Victoria but the TV ratings show that the episodes of Victoria that have clashed with the first three episodes of Poldark have 7.75m, 7.6m and 7.65m viewers if  ITV +1 is included and 6.m, 5.8m and 5.8m if it is not.  So Victoria comes out top with one set of figures and Poldark with the other.

The 7 day consolidated figures are produced by BARB; the data gives the number of people watching a programme on the day plus those who recorded it and played it back within a seven day period. The figures do not include iplayer: these should be available from the BBC at a later date.

Poldark S2 premiered in Australia yesterday with 479,000 viewers watching it in the five city metro area according to TV Tonight, putting it at number 10 in the Top 10 rankings. Series 1 premiered to 649,000 people last year making it ninth in the rankings.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Clip from Poldark S2 Episode 5

Elizabeth talks to Ross of love

Who to Look Out for in Poldark S2 Episode 4

There are some familiar characters returning to Poldark in  Episode 4 and some new ones to look out for too!

Andrew Blamey
Andrew Blamey (Richard Harrington), Verity's husband, arrives on the scene this week along with two new characters, his children from his first marriage, Esther (Isabella Parriss) and James (Alexander Morris).

Alexander Morris
Isabella Parriss

Mark Daniel
Also returning from Series 1 is Mark Daniel (Matthew Wilson) who Ross helped escape after he killed his wife Keren for having an affair with Dr Enys.

Charlie Kempthorne and Dwight Enys
Photo: Official Poldark

A couple of new characters of note are Mr Trencrom (Richard McCabe), a smuggler, and Charlie Kempthorne (Ross Green), a miner/sailmaker.

Richard McCabe

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Designing 'Poldark' S2 MPT Programme Guide

Megan Bohawn designed the cover and feature pages for Poldark S2 for Maryland Public Television's programme guide. Megan says: I took inspiration from the moody setting in the Cornish port. I also incorporated historic maps of England to embrace the historic drama of the show.

Friday, 23 September 2016