Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

'Poldark' at MipCom 2016

This week ITV Studios, the international distributors of Poldark, are promoting the show at MipCom, a global entertainment market where TV programmes are bought and sold.

Aidan Turner as Ross graces the 'Welcome' page of ITV Studios Programme Highlights 2016, with details of the drama appearing a few pages later.

ITV Studios have a rather neat sales 'house' at MipCom this year: the photos of the 'house' being constructed and of it complete are via DesignScene WW

Here's wishing ITV Studios a terrific week with their sales of Poldark.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Audience Numbers for 'Poldark'

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With no Victoria on ITV to compete with and a cracking episode of Poldark last night it's good to see the overnight viewing figures edge towards the 5 million mark this week, with an audience of 4.96m which is a 22.4% share of viewers, according to OvernightsTV. The small increase on the previous week (4.9m) means episode 7 was the third most popular of this series so far.

The seven day consolidated figures from Barb (which do not include BBC iplayer) give an audience of 6.16 m which is good news after the previous episode's dip below the 6m mark. While the number of viewers for series two has not matched those for series one, Poldark is BBC One's best performing drama in September and October. This week, for example, the shows with higher audiences were The Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing, The Apprentice, Eastenders and Countryfile.

NB: We usually take a look at the viewing figures for Australia here too, but they don't seem to be out yet, so we'll catch up with those next week.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

CLIP: No Hope for Grace

In this clip from Poldark S2 Episode 8 Ross and Demelza discuss the future of the mine.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Visual Effects Magic on Poldark

A video posted by lexhagvfx (@lexhagvfx) on

A video posted by lexhagvfx (@lexhagvfx) on

A video posted by lexhagvfx (@lexhagvfx) on

A video posted by lexhagvfx (@lexhagvfx) on

A video posted by lexhagvfx (@lexhagvfx) on

A video posted by lexhagvfx (@lexhagvfx) on

A video posted by lexhagvfx (@lexhagvfx) on

The visual effects company Lexhag show how they work their magic on Poldark in these mini-clips.

Vote for 'Poldark' in the National Television Awards

Who can forget the surprise and excitement of the National Television Awards 2016 when Aidan Turner won the TV Moment of the Year Award for Poldark?

Now the nominations are out for the National Television Awards 2017 and Poldark, Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson and Heida Reed are all contenders!

You can vote for Poldark   in the following categories:
  • Period Drama
  • Drama Performance:  Aidan Turner or Eleanor Tomlinson or Heida Reed
How to vote:
You can vote in as many categories as you like, but can only vote for one nominee in each category.
Voting closes at 11 pm on 23 October.  

This is the long list of nominees from which the short list will be drawn for a second round of voting, probably in January, 2017. In previous years, votes from the long list and short list have been added together to decide the winners, so please vote now to help Poldark win!

Useful links:
Vote online
Voting Guidelines

The NT Awards are voted for by the public. The winners will be announced at the National Television Awards ceremony on 25 January, 2017 to be broadcast live on ITV. Tickets for the event at the O2 in London are available from the NTA.

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