Monday 30 March 2015

Poldark Top of the Tweets!

Photo BBC


Poldark was the most tweeted about programme on Twitter yesterday!  It's the first time the show has topped the charts since it began four weeks ago, although it has always made the Daily Top 5 on a Sunday.

Last night (29 March, 2015) some 7,700 individuals tweeted about Poldark, sending altogether some 17.9k tweets.   That's tops Poldark's record over the past weeks on both scores.  Prior to this the highest numbers had been in the first week of the drama when there were 11.6k tweets by almost 6,000 individuals, according to KantarMedia.

Last night, of course, was also the BBC #AskPoldark  Q&A with Aidan Turner.  Trendie WW  tweeted

Well done all!

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