Thursday 25 June 2015

'The World of Poldark' Guide to the TV Show

Update 3 October 2015:  The World of Poldark is now  available for preorder on Amazon UK   and Amazon US

Is it too early to talk of Christmas?  Because here's something all Poldark lovers are going to want in their stocking (apart from Aidan Turner): The World of Poldark.

The World of Poldark is an illustrated guide to the TV series which, according to The Bookseller  '...will explore the characters of Winston Graham’s original Poldark novels, as well as the houses and landscapes of Cornwall, where the story is set. It will include interviews with the cast of the TV show and information about costumes, props and locations.' 

The World of Poldark will be published by Pan Mcmillan who also publish the Poldark novels and Poldark's Cornwall, a beautifully illustrated companion to Winston Graham's saga.  Pan Mcmillan have also acquired the rights to publish the scripts of the first two seasons of the TV show.

The World of Poldark  will be published in hardback on 5 November 2015 price £20.

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