Sunday, 28 June 2015

Dancing on 'Poldark'


In Episode 2 of Poldark  there's a ball at the Assembly Rooms with plenty of dancing to be had.

Dancing Master Stuart Marsden taught the actors the dances. Aidan Turner, who trained in ballroom and Latin American dance as a youngster told Assignmentx, "The dances, even – we learned the gavotte and the allemande, and it’s so different. The weight is just held in a different way. Everything I knew about dance is out the window. The weight isn’t in the legs and it’s not strong. You don’t lead, because you’re on your toes and you’re wearing pumps and tights and there’s a very certain way of holding yourself in the day."

They certainly seemed to enjoy themselves filming if this behind-the-scenes video is anything to go by.

Aidan Turner via The Sun

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