Friday 19 June 2015

Aidan at the Apple Store

Yesterday, Aidan Turner was a guest at the Apple Store, Soho, New York for a discussion and Q&A.

Photo credit: Teresa Michalski 
Teresa Michalski was one of those lucky enough to go along. She says, "I went and Aidan was FANTASTIC - an interviewer's DREAM! Give him a crumb and he takes the whole cake! Very detailed in his answer, not nervous at all just excited and very engaged in it.

"I tried to take photos with my digital, but no flash allowed. I had  already taken one of the set-up. 

Photo credit: Teresa Michalski 
"Some fans went around the building to catch him for pics and autographs.  I gave him a couple of gifts. He was exceptionally sweet and stayed even when he really did have to go."

Teresa also says that the event was being recorded and that a podcast would be availlable (in about 2 weeks?) on iTunes.

Many thanks to Teresa for this lovely report.

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