Tuesday 3 June 2014

Meet Ross Poldark's Horse, Seamus!

Aidan Turner and Seamus as Ross Poldark and Darkie. Photo by ArikishirleyTumbler

Say hello to Seamus, Ross Poldark's horse in the new BBC drama Poldark. Seamus will be playing Darkie. And if you think he looks familiar then you could well be right because Seamus was Matthew McNulty's horse in the recent production of Jamaica Inn. He's also appeared on TV in Wuthering Heights and 1066.

Seamus is owned and trained by  Atkinson Action Horses who are supplying all the ridden horses for Poldark, so I asked boss Mark Atkinson how Seamus got the role. He told me, "Aidan (Turner) came to us for a few days to practice. We had five horses to choose from really. It took a while to decide which horse to give him: to see how he got on with them. At the moment he seems to be getting on really well with his horse."

Mark told me that Seamus is a good choice because he is the type of horse a person like Ross would have. He explained, "He's compact and strong, a lovely looking horse but he hasn't too much quality.If he had too much quality he wouldn't be right for Ross's character."  Not only that, but he looks like he's built for the Cornish terrain being short-legged which gives him the strength to cope with the moors.

Ross Poldark photo by @Dorina335

Seamus is 14 years old and has been with Atkinson Action Horses for eight years. He takes part in horse stunt shows and  full contact metal jousting in Britain and on the Continent and is a principal horse at the Horse of the Year Show. He's very good with pyrotechnics and special effects like lightening and smoke, and can pull a cannon with five other horses.

So when we're watching Poldark and Darkie is on our screens we'll know that it's Seamus that Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) is riding - unless they're galloping across the moors. For Seamus, like all stars, has a double and when Ross and Darkie are doing fast work like galloping, it will be Seamus's double ridden by Aidan's stunt rider, Ben Atkinson, that we'll be watching.

Ben Atkinson and Seamus via stuntrider.co.uk


  1. As a horse lover I'm quite interested in the animals used. I rather got a kick out of the choice of Seamus. When I was teaching riding he's the sort you'd choose for a person with some, but not a lot, of experience who needs a horse that is calm and willing. You can see how interested in everything Seamus is, ears up and forward, stance attentive. He's a great choice and fine looking too boot.

    1. You're absolutely right with this. He's a sound and steady horse and it's interesting that Matthew McNulty, who had to learn to ride for Jamaica Inn, got on very well with Seamus. Mark also told me that sometimes it works in the horse's favour if the actor is new to riding because the actor concentrates on acting and doesn't try to hard to tell the horse what to do!

  2. Seamus is a fine looking and looks the part in the Poldark series. My son and I think he's our favourite character in the series. Love it when he's on screen.

  3. I love this series and the horse..Is he a specific breed? Looks like he is a breeze to ride with a gait similar looking to a Morgan :) I love them both, Seamus and Captain Poldark

  4. Isn't he lovely? Seamus is an Irish Draught.

  5. He is gorgeous and just perfect...Nice heavy legs,compact body, sweet little gait when he wants to..Perfect for Captain Poldark.. ;)


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