Friday 24 April 2015

'Poldark' Iplayer Figures are Out!

Photot: Mike Alsford

At last the figures for viewing Poldark on BBC iplayer  are out!

In March, 2015 Poldark episode 1 earned almost 1.2 million requests.  This was the most requested episode of Poldark and put it at number four in the iplayer top 20 TV episodes.  Episode 3 of Poldark was in 12th place and Episode 2 in 17th place with 980,000 and 911,000 respectively. Please see the 'Notes for Figures in This Report' below.

The consolidated viewing figure for episode 1 of Poldark, which was available in mid-March and excluded iplayer, was 8.7million.

Source: BBC iStats

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