Sunday 4 September 2016

Who's Who in the First Episode of Poldark S2

With just a few hours to go before Poldark airs in the UK, here's a rundown of some of the characters, familiar and new,  we'll meet in the first episode.

The Familiar

ROSS POLDARK (Aidan Turner)
Ross’s dogged belief in justice and morality puts him at odds with the class into which he was born and, as a champion of the common people, threatens to become his undoing. 

DEMELZA POLDARK (Eleanor Tomlinson)
Demelza assumed her position as Ross’s wife with a grace few foresaw but a niggling sense of lowliness haunts her. She finds herself wrestling to not only save Ross from himself, but to embrace her own independence.

Elizabeth (married to Francis) finds herself torn between the present and what could have been. As the Poldarks stand divided, Elizabeth seeks to unify them but finds her loyalties called into question along the way.

Francis (Ross's cousin) is a good man, but one plagued by self-pity and poor decisions. Jealously belying his true nature has fuelled Francis into actions at odds with his loyalties, actions he now seeks to rectify.

George will stop at nothing to increase the might of his family’s banking empire, believing that with power comes the key to increased social respectability - something he desperately craves. Ross despises George.

VERITY BLAMEY (Ruby Bentall)
Verity (Ross's cousin) broke from her role as a dutiful daughter to marry Captain Andrew Blamey, a man with a dark past. Though happily in love, she yearns for familial reunion.

AUNT AGATHA (Caroline Blakiston)
As wily and cunning as ever, Agatha sees more than she lets on and hears more than anyone would believe.

DWIGHT ENYS (Luke Norris)
Dwight is motivated by a fierce morality and strong principles. His mettle is tested, however, by the arrival of Caroline Penvenen - a woman who pulls Dwight from the familiar and into the thrilling. Dwight is a loyal friend to Ross.

JUD (Phil Davis) and PRUDIE PAYNTER (Beatie Edney)
As Ross’s servants and his father’s before him, Jud and Prudie take liberties like it were part of the job. For all the trouble they cause, however, they are among the most loyal people in Ross’s life.

HARRIS PASCOE (Richard Hope)
Ross’s banker and long standing friend, Pascoe is a shrewd businessman. He frequently counsels Ross to be more cautious in his business dealings, and frequently fails.

A powerful Magistrate who has little sympathy for the poor and is angered by Ross's constant flaunting of the law

The New

Caroline is a complete minx: rich, beautiful and clever. She delights in tormenting people, but underneath there is a sweet, generous and complex heart.

RAY PENVENEN (John Nettles)
Caroline's kindly, sweet-toothed old uncle who has raised her since she was orphaned. Ray is one of the county's most wealthy and powerful gentlemen.

Unwin dreams of becoming an MP only so that Caroline (and her fortune) will consent to marry him. He is obsessed with the latest fashions and not the sharpest tool in the box.​ Unwin adds some comic relief to the story.

TANKARD (Sebastian Armesto)
Tankard is the Warleggan’s iron fist in legal matters, helping navigate the law to identify areas George can exploit for his gain.

        Turlough Convery plays TOM HARRY
        Tom Harry is one of Warleggan's henchmen

Source: BBC Media  

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