Thursday 16 April 2015

'Poldark' Episode 7 Preview

Ross is struggling to keep the Carnmore smelting company afloat - and George Warleggan is determined to crush it. George’s agents are outbidding Carnmore in order to starve it of copper and George is trying to find ways to get to its shareholders, who all remain secret except Ross.

After a rockfall at Wheal Leisure Mark returns home early and finds that Keren is not there. He tracks her to Dwight's house and discovers that they have been sleeping together.

When Verity runs away with Captain Blamey, Francis immediately blames Ross for helping to arrange the scandalous elopement. Ross is furious and denies any involvement, but Francis will not listen and the cousins break irreconcilably. George sees an opportunity and exploits Francis’ anger until he reveals the names of the Carnmore shareholders.

Demelza heads to Trenwith to confess to Francis and beg him to forgive Ross, but Francis flies into a rage and throws her out.

A new character to look out for in this episode is Captain McNeil (Henry Garrett) as he will play an important role in the second series.

Synopsis via BBC

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  1. Cornish resident20 April 2015 at 18:53

    Poldark gets better with every episode, episode 7 was just brilliant. The scenes cutting together towards the end showing the consequences of Demelza's actions was an inspired piece of theatre and the performance of the actors is of a consistently excellent standard. Here in Cornwall so many people are really enjoying this adaptation of what is a very special series of novels. Well done BBC.


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