Wednesday 22 April 2015

'Poldark' Episode 8 Preview

Mike Alsford for BBC

Ross (Aidan Turner) tries one last time to turn around the fortunes of Carnmore, but when he is outbid he reluctantly folds the company. George (Jack Farthing) has won and takes the opportunity to rub his face in it, showing off his new ship, the Queen Charlotte.

Consumed with guilt over Keren’s death, Dwight (Luke Norris) throws himself into work, dealing with an outbreak of the putrid throat. When Ross learns that all at Trenwith are stricken with the disease he tries to persuade Dwight to see them - but they are Doctor Choake’s patients. Despite the estrangement Demelza rushes to their aid.

Captain Bray (Derek Frood) Photo: Mike Alsford for BBC

Ross is cheered to see George’s new ship being wrecked upon the rocks and leads the local poor, many of whom are starving, in looting the contents of the ship and exacting his revenge upon George.

Look out for Captain Bray (Derek Frood) in this episode,  as he may well be returning in Season 2.

Synopsis: BBC

Mike Alsford for BBC

Mike Alsford for BBC

Mike Alsford for BBC

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