Thursday 3 July 2014

'Da Vinci's Demons' Emmy Nominations for 'Poldark''s Hair and Make-up Team?

Jacqueline Fowler Photo BAFTA
Looks like congratulations will soon be in order for two of Poldark's hair and make-up team as it seems Jacqueline Fowler and Laura Viana da Silva have been nominated for an Emmy for Da Vinci's Demons. 

The Emmys aren't officially announced until 10 July but Laura wrote on facebook 'Eu estou nomeada para Emmys para meu trabalho na segunda temporada - do Da Vinci's Demons!' ('I'm nominated for Emmys for my work on the second season - Da Vinci's Demons')
In the Emmy voting information Laura appears with Jacqueline Fowler in the category of Outstanding Makeup for a Single Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) for the episode of Da Vinci's Demons called The Rope of the Dead.

Laura Viana da Silva
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Jacqueline and Laura both work on Poldark. Jacqueline is the make-up and hair designer, responsible for the overall design of the cast's look and Laura is one of her team of hair and make-up artists who has particular responsibility for the hair and make-up of Elizabeth Poldark played by Heida Reid.

The Emmy nominations will be officially announced on 10 July. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards Ceremony is on 16 August, 2014 in Los Angeles.

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