Monday 14 July 2014

Aidan Turner's Modest Stay in Odessa

Aidan Turner is staying at the Bristol Hotel while he's a guest at the Odessa International Film Festival and, although the hotel is used to famous faces, they're delighted to find he's not at all 'starry'.

Like many of the other guests at the OIFF Aidan is there to show his support for the festival which so nearly didn't go ahead because of the political situation in Ukraine and financial setbacks.

Aidan flew economy class to Odessa in order to help the OIFF out financially, according to Prawwda. Now it seems that he's also doing his bit by staying in a small but comfortable de-luxe room in the Bristol Hotel, rather than in one of their top suites. And, unlike some stars who have stayed at the hotel in the past, he has not asked for any special treatment. It's this type of modest behaviour that endears him to so many fans. 

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De-luxe rooms at the Bristol Hotel are decorated in a classical style with pastel colours and have a double bed, oak desk, coffee table and two armchairs with paintings of old Odessa on the wall, according to Segodnya. They also have a small balcony that overlooks the Philharmonic Theatre. 

All perfectly pleasant, of course. But a far cry from the hotel's Presidential Suite.

Bristol Hotel Presidential Suite


  1. TeethingBeastie14 July 2014 at 17:46

    Just one of the many reasons I adore that boy! He seems to be a hard worker who dedicates himself to his craft, wanting to be known for his acting (but not wanting to become just another famous piece of Hollywood fluff). Despite being one of the most hotly handsome (and/or cute depending on his expression) actors I've ever seen (seriously, I can gaze at his face for hours, and I cannot help but to soften and say "awwwwww" when I see him -- like I would to an adorable puppy), he is modest, kind-hearted, good to his fans, gracious, and serious about his life and work. I really wish him all the best in his acting career, his life, and his loves.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on this post. I'm so pleased that some of Aidan's values have come across in it and have loved reading your comments.

  3. Aidan Turner Forever15 July 2014 at 12:13

    I don't think Aidan would be caught dead in the Presidential Suite.

  4. Sue Lynn 'Fleming' Yurick15 July 2014 at 13:20

    So pleased he has depth of character, exhibited in choices.

  5. yikes! waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much blue!

  6. I hope Aidan can be successful without becoming too Hollywood. What I mean is still get wonderful roles in big and small TV/movies, but not get entrapped in fame, and believe in your own hype. Many actors seem to start out modest, and then who knows what happens. I think that is what is so attractive about Aidan, (apart from his infection smile and beautiful eyes,) is that he seems modest, fun, insightful, and kind


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