Monday 14 July 2014

Aidan Turner Talks to Ivana

photo credit ivana.bigmir

Irish actor Aidan Turner is a guest at the Odessa Film festival in Ukraine this week.

In an interview with Julia Myasoedova of ivona.bigmir he talks about social media, his family and friends, the bag-snatching incident, riders at hotels and being in Odessa.

You can read the full interview on ivana.bigmir but here is much of it. I have recorded the questions and responses as they appear after translation, rather than change the words, but the gist is clear.

Ivana: How do you feel about criticism? 
Aidan Turner: How do I react to criticism? (Laughs - Ed.). Well, I do not react ...What I do is part of the business. Press and media - is part of what we do. And at this point I have enough of an open relationship with the media. But I am not social pages by itself, I'm not on  Facebook, Twitter  or anything like that.And I never will. I do not blame people who are engaged in this, this - excellent. It's just that I personally do not. Because I do not watch myself on this scale, the Internet, and do not check my self with them.

I: Your family and friends comment on your work?
AT: In the life of me, my family and friends are very close. I have with them a very close relationship as friends and family. I live in Dublin (capital of Ireland), as well as any actor, I have to travel a lot, but the house - it is still native. And my heart is where my home in Dublin, Ireland. But now, I'm less likely to get hit there, and I see less and less of your family and friends. Know we have Skype! We had to find ways how to live with it. For me is very important these connections and relationships with people whom I know very long time; with whom I have a great relationship; with whom I enjoy spending time; people who help me succeed and do what I do. They give me energy and "fuse" to do their work.

Pfot credit ivana.bigmir

I: You saved the girl from a robbery on the street ... could tell us more about this incident?
AT: Yes, it's true. Actually, everything was very fast. Robber on a bicycle bag tore the girl, and I chased after him. Ran to the tram tracks. I had to jerk front of the tram, although I realize that it's not safe. I wore a hat, as the hero Indiana Jones movies, but at that moment she fell off and fell on the tracks. Right before the tram passed it - I grabbed it and put it on. Then safely bandit caught and returned the bag.

I: You have occurred before such a situation? 
AT: Hero I in everyday life? Of course! (Laughs - Ed.). No, that never happened, by the way. I do not know where it appeared like "Aidan Turner - hero" in the press all invented. I discussed all this with my friend later, of course, I know that the negative stories can make a public man, sometimes it is irresponsible and, you know, cruel, and no one needs, and entails a lot of things. But if there fabricated false stories about the good things associated with a person, well, .. like to be a hero! I can say that I am good fabricated stories do not like as well as the bad. We will never know whether it's true or fictional story ... Let's leave me a hero!

I: I read that you have a very small rider (list of demands to the organizers of your trips). Tell us what is on your rider? What you asked for when travelling to Odessa?
A:- Are you talking about the red M & M's? (Laughs - Ed.). In Odessa? Seriously, I did not ask anything. Well the bed ... it would be great to have a good sleep. I am, frankly, quite undemanding in this sense. 

Phot credit via ivana.bigmir

Photo credit ivana.bigmir

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