Sunday 13 July 2014

Aidan Turner: Real Life Hero!

Aidan via CAM
Aidan Turner who plays Ross Poldark in the new BBC drama is turning out to be a hero in real life too!

Shock News reports that Aidan, who is in Odessa for the International Film Festival, was talking to a colleague when a man on a bicycle rode by and snatched the girl's handbag. Aidan chased after the robber and got the bag and all it's contents back for his colleague.

What a star he is!

Update 14 July 2014
Having read a translation of Aidan's interview with ivana it seems that, although Aidan at first gives an account of this story he continues his next answer with, "No, that never happened, by the way". Although it's not completely clear,  I'm inclined to believe the whole story is a fabrication.


  1. I thought this story seemed a little contrived. Where can I find a translation of the interview, would love to read it.

  2. This is the original interview which I used Google Translate on.
    Here are extracts (including the mugging) translated with Google Translate .

    What do you think?


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