Wednesday 4 October 2017

'Loving Vincent' Premiere News

Loving Vincent, Eleanor Tomlinson, Aidan Turner, UK premiere

With the UK premiere of Loving Vincent just around the corner we asked organisers Altitude Films some of your questions. Whether you're going to the National Gallery, watching the broadcast or simply wishing you were there, here are some things you may like to know:
  • There will be no red carpet event open to the public
  • The Q&A will be held in the auditorium following the screening (there were suggestions it could be in a separate room)
  • There will be a Q&A video, but it’s likely to be used on the DVD/Blu-ray/Digital release, so won’t be immediately available to the public.
Loving Vincent, Aidan Turner, Boatman
Aidan Turner
Loving Vincent premieres at the National Gallery on Monday 9 October The premier includes a Q&A with directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman and actors Douglas Booth (Armand Roulin) and Aidan Turner (Boatman). It will be broadcast live in cinemas and art galleries across the UK. Tickets are available here.

Loving Vincent, Eleanor Tomlinson
Eleanor Tomlinson
Loving Vincent is a  'painted animation film, looking into the mystery of Vincent van Gogh's death, told through the medium of his paintings.'  It features both Eleanor Tomlinson (Adeline Ravoux) and Aidan Turner.
Loving Vincent opens in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on 13 October. A list of UK and worldwide screenings is available here.

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