Saturday 29 October 2016

'Loving Vincent' Preview Talk

Loving Vincent, Aidan Turner,
Aidan Turner as Boatman
Filmgoers are in for a real treat when Loving Vincent hits our screens next year if last night's preview at London's National Gallery is anything to go by.

Loving Vincent is a 'painted animation film, looking into the mystery of Vincent van Gogh's death, told through the medium of his paintings' and it features Poldark stars Aidan Turner as Boatman and Eleanor Tomlinson as Adeline Ravoux.

Writer/director Hugh Welchman began the evening with a ten minute introductory talk about the film in which he gave some fascinating insights such as how, when they started filming, it was generally held that Van Gogh had cut off a third of his ear but how, by the time they finished filming, this belief had changed to one of him cutting off all of his ear, so thousands of the film's pictures had to be altered! During the introduction an audible intake of breath went through the audience when Aidan was mentioned but we only saw a glimpse of him as Boatman. The real delight, however, was Eleanor. The plan was to show an 18 minute excerpt of the film but, due to
Loving Vincent, Eleanor tomlinson,
Eleanor Tomlinson as Adeline Ravoux
some technical issue, we were treated to half an hour, much of which featured Eleanor. It was really exciting to hear her unmistakable voice coming through and see her expressions, bringing Adeline Ravoux to life. A little on accents here: although the film takes place France, English/Irish accents are used throughout with the exception of Van Gogh who has a Dutch accent. When the film is released in France, however, it will be in French.

One of my fears about Loving Vincent was that a whole feature film in the style of Van Gogh's paintings might be a little overwhelming, so I was pleased to discover that the film-makers have addressed this by painting the flashbacks to when Vincent was alive in a black and white, realistic style.  Clever!

The preview evening was one of only two planned for the film. The second will take place at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam next month but, if you're planning to go, get your tickets early. Last night's event in a theatre that seats 328, was a sell-out!

Here are some photos from the evening which was attended by one of the stars of the film, Douglas Booth, who plays Armand Roulin.  Apologies for the poor quality.

Loving Vincent, Aidan Turner, Eleanor tomlinson, Douglas Booth
Douglas Booth (Armand Roulin) and Hugh Welchman

Douglas Booth plays Armand Roulin

Douglas Booth

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