Sunday 10 May 2015

Sarah Greene: Aidan's Fans are Really Loyal

Sarah and Aidan at Subtitle Film Festival. Photo Pat Moore

Actor Sarah Greene's career is going from strength to strength with the feature film Noble being released in the US this week, the drama Penny Dreadful on TV and the Bradley Cooper movie Adam Jones coming out later this year.

Sarah and Aidan at The Hobbit premiere 2012.
Photo Evie Bowman/Poldarked
Sarah is, of course, Aidan Turner's girlfriend and, when being interviewed, she often gets questioned about Aidan. In a recent interview with  Like Magazine she was asked if all the new fans Aidan was winning in his role as Ross Poldark was any cause for concern. Sarah just laughed and said, 'Aidan's fans are really loyal, they have been with him since the get go. I'm just delighted for him, and the second season is going ahead, so it's very exciting.'

We are, of course, big fans of Sarah's too!

You can read more of Sarah's interview with Like Magazine here.

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