Monday 18 May 2015

'Poldark' to Ease the Pain

Photo: Daily Post
Patients who don't require a general anaesthetic for their operations at Spire Yale Hospital may turn to Poldark for their pain relief.

The Wrexham private hospital is supplying ipads and earphones to patients to distract them during surgery reports the Daily Post.

Consultant Neil Agnew said: “We’ve only been trialling this for a few weeks but it’s going really well so far. We had one lady engrossed in the Antiques Roadshow, another hooked on the last episode of Poldark and another chap watching the rugby.
“They have their headphones on and don’t worry about what we’re doing and can’t hear the occasional noises.

“We need them to stay relatively calm and still so it’s perfect for us. Then once we’re finished they are up and about straight away so the recovery time is far less than with a general and it’s a far more pleasant experience for the patient.”

Many thanks to @elsatsartsidou  for alerting us to this story

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  1. Well, I watched the Diva singing in "The 5th Element" and that helped when I was getting my lip stitched back on, so I'll bet watching Poldark would let them do major surgery on you. :0


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