Wednesday 7 May 2014

Nampara Will be in Cornwall

Nampara in the Original TV Series
Poldark's publicist Lisa Vanoli has confirmed that the Cornish landscape will play an important part in the new BBC drama and that Ross Poldark's house, Nampara, will be in Cornwall.

In an interview with the West Morning News Lisa says, “We are filming a huge amount in Cornwall - substantially more than in the original TV series.
“All our key landscapes will be in Cornwall - including Ross Poldark’s house - but occasionally you have to go outside an area. Unfortunately. in Truro it just wasn’t possible, which is why we’ve had to film some street scenes in Corsham.
“But your Cornish readers won’t be disappointed - the Cornish people will be seeing us a lot. We will be filming in Cornwall in June and July - and we will be there a lot of the time, I can assure you.”
She added, “But as far as I’m concerned it is very much about transparency - the fact is that we will be filming all our key landscapes in the county.

“We will, for example, be shooting Ross Poldark’s house ‘Nampara’ in Cornwall - although at this time I cannot go into the actual details of our shooting schedules.”

I'm so glad to hear that Nampara is in Cornwall and can't wait to see it!

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