Tuesday 27 May 2014

Stunt Co-ordinator Abbi Collins Joins Poldark

Abbi Collins via abbi collins.com

Leading stunt professional Abbi Collins has joined the Poldark crew as stunt co-ordinator.

Abbi has worked on many award-winning films and television shows such as  The Selfish Giant, Misfits, and Doctor Who as a stunt co-ordinator, fight arranger and horse master.  Recently she worked on BBC2's The Wrong Mans.

On her website Abbi says, "Whilst specialised action usually requires stunt performers, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job as a Stunt Co-ordinator is working with actors of all ages to facilitate their involvement in action sequences." 

She adds, "Actors and horses, plus a film crew are a recipe for disaster unless a good, safe horse is supplied, along with a knowledgeable teacher and horse master. It is a situation which must be taken very seriously by production and the correct professionals engaged." 

To bring Abbi's point home we only have to turn to the incident that occurred during the Poldark filming in Corsham recently when an ox was spooked as Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark) rode by. Bystander @Dorina335 told Mammoth Screen on Twitter that the horse was startled but the ox was quickly calmed down and Aidan rode away. This incident shows us just how quickly things have the potential to go wrong without the right training for horse and rider.

Photo by @Dorina335

Mark Atkinson who is supplying the ridden horses for Poldark told me that this is the fifth job they have done with Abbi and that she is the "ultimate professional" who listens to the actors and horse master and works together with them. We'll have more from Mark and the horses on Poldark in the coming days.

Meanwhile you can have a look at some of Abbi's work in her showreel here.

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