Monday 26 May 2014

Aidan Turner's Birthday Party Brought to you by Mammoth Screen: Party Animals

Definition of the best production company in the world: Mammoth Screen Party Animals

Definition of Awesome – Mammoth Screen

Mammoth Screen is co-hosting a surprise birthday party for Aidan Turner and his fans. These wonderful people are going to do a cake & ice cream party for Aidan’s 31st b-day and present birthday cards and presents from the fans at this celebration. Mammoth Screen is also going to take photos of Aidan opening his presents and of course blowing out his candles. This is so awesome as not only will the fans know Aidan has received their b-day cards & gifts, they’ll get to see photos of him opening them. This is actually beyond awesome!

Definition of Brilliant – Mammoth Screen

Mammoth Screen is one of the top independent television production companies in the UK and Ireland. They are also the smartest group of people in the world because Aidan Turner was their one and only choice to play the dynamic Ross in their reboot of the iconic Poldark series. Mammoth Screen’s other productions include Endeavour, Blandings, Monroe and Parade’s End. It’s all brilliant!

Definition of Fan Friendly – Mammoth Screen

When Mammoth Screen was approached to put on this party, one of the first thing they said, was they were fans of Aidan too. Like his many fans, they know Aidan to be a very sweet person, and they are willing to go out of their way to make him and his fans happy. From day one they’ve approached this event with an “of course” & “we can do that” attitude. Not only are they going to do have this party for Aidan’s fans, they’ll put on their “marigolds” and do the cleanup afterwards. It can’t get any better than this!

Definition of Praise Worthy – Mammoth Screen

Any questions about Aidan’s surprise party should be directed to the Aidan Turner Forever fan site at:  Please don’t email Mammoth Screen with inquiries as they’ll be busy baking the cake, but feel free to tweet them @MammothScreen with praise for their kindness, generosity and AWESOMENESS. 

Party Details:  

If you are sending a gift, please email the surprise party co-host Aidan Turner Forever as they are keeping track of the number of gifts so Mammoth Screen will know how large a storage area to provide. The fans only need to email ATF for gifts, it's not necessary to send a message if you are sending a b-day card. The email address is 

Please also be considerate of Mammoth Screen and make sure your gifts are not too large or too heavy. So don’t do a bust of Aidan or box up and mail yourself. Lets say under 5lbs, as a guide – this is just a guide, not a requirement. The only requirement is to have fun! All cards & gifts MUST arrive at the UK address below by June 16th.

Party Location:

Please mail your b-day cards and gifts to this special one-time address:

Special Events (BS)
C/O Mammoth Screen (Poldark) Ltd
The Bottleyard Office BY01
Whitchurch Lane
Bristol, UK BS14 0BH

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