Tuesday 7 August 2018

Viewing Figures for 'Poldark' S4

The finale of Poldark series four was certainly a dramatic one and one that kept us glued to our TVs! 4.4 million watched it on the night (it won the 9pm slot), with a further million of us catching up during the week, according to Barb's seven day consolidated figures which do not include BBC iplayer. At 5.4 million it was BBC One's third most popular programme for the week 23-29 July, after Eastenders (5.8m) and Antiques Roadshow (5.7m).

Barb's seven day consolidated figures show the premiere of Poldark series four garnered an audience of six million and was BBC One's top show that week. Episode two was the most popular episode of the series (6.1m) and episode four the least watched (4.9m). On average, 5.6m people watched each episode, compared to 6.1m for series three and 7.6m for series one.  BBC iplayer figures will probably be available in the Autumn.

To give some context to the months of June and July in the UK,  the football World Cup took place during the weeks Poldark episodes two to six aired (though games were generally not being played when the show was on TV). The UK also experienced a heatwave during this period.

Poldark in Australia
Poldark series four aired in Australia just six days after the UK on ABC. Previous series had been shown on a Sunday evening but, for series four, the show was moved to Saturdays at 8.15 pm. Episode 8 proved the most popular with 409K watching it that day in the five city metro area and episode 7 the least with 332K, it's smallest audience ever.
Many thanks to  @veras67 on Twitter for her regular help with information from Australia.

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