Tuesday 18 July 2017

Farewell Captain Henshawe!

In a move that caught us all off guard, Captain Henshawe died a hero's death in Poldark last week. Deviating from the novels, the rescue of Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) from the French prison camp ended with Henshawe dying as the Cornishmen made their escape. Viewers were left shocked but John Hollingworth, who plays Henshawe, sees the logic in it. He explained to the Radio Times, 'With so many new and brilliant characters coming in, there was going to be less and less story oxygen for Henshawe to live on. They (writer Debbie Horsfield and executive producer Karen Thrussell) said, "Look, I think it’s best if we just release you and say goodbye to the character."  I was really pleased they did that because they gave me a really great exit story – having been on the periphery of a lot of the stories for three years it was lovely to come to the foreground in such a lovely way.'

In a tribute to John and Captain Henshawe BBC One posted this farewell video:

Official Poldark tweeted:

John Hollingworth said goodbye with this tweet:

But it wasn't quite goodbye. BBC One later posted a video of John and the make-up team showing how he got his horrific 'injuries'.

Farewell Captain Henshawe! You'll be missed.

John Hollingworth at Poldark BFI Screening 2016
Photo: EvieBowman for Poldarked

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