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Aidan Turner on OIFF, Poldark and his Latest Project

Here is a very rough translation of an interview with Aidan Turner for the Ukranian magazine Focus
The article is dated 14 July 2017.  Among other  things, Aidan talks about Poldark, The Odesa International Film Festival, his latest project filming in Massachusetts with Sam Elliott and the infamous 'handbag snatch story' of 2014.

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Irish actor Aidan Turner of disbelief in the supernatural, impressions of OIFF and skills of past life

Irish actor Aidan Turner of disbelief in the supernatural, impressions of OIFF and skills of past life
According to one version, the name Aidan - derived from the Gaelic "fire". After talking with Aidan Turner, you know: there is a grain of truth in this. Irish actor - zinger, who will give odds to any of its colorful characters. By the way, "hot" and recognized role in the 34-year-old Turner missing: dwarf Kili from "The Hobbit", the artist Rossetti from "Desperate Romantics" Captain Poldark series of the same name.
Say, brown-eyed handsome man - a real contender to be the next 007. Shortly before his interview with the producer warns about bondiane the star not to ask. Is someone afraid to jinx it offer?
Aidan you a superstitious person? - No, not a bit. Not superstitious, not religious, I do not believe in the paranormal. Frankly, I'm always surprised when I hear that this or that person believes in omens. Some of my colleagues have a whole theory on this subject: someone wearing the amulet, who is not lazy to perform some ritual every day. I'm not rushing on the ability to come up with something like that myself. I am a down to earth in this sense, people do not try to complicate things and see what is not there.
You have often said that the new film project of interest to you only if it's an interesting story. By what criteria to select projects? - It is difficult to answer. Sometimes you read a script - something sank in, and you realize: yours. It happens that it is not even in the role, and the plot. Or, for example, the proposal came from the director with whom you want to work. This can not be predicted.
Sometimes people ask me: "Would you like to play in such a picture?" And I do not know what to say. I can not talk about something abstract! Let me show the script to tell about who leads the project, and then we can think if I film interesting.
Some of the actors have drawn parallels between their roles and what happens to them in real life. For example, your character Ross Poldark saved from a beating Demelzu. How often do you have to perform feats beyond the screen? - I'm not a superhero, I'm just an actor playing the roles. Not all soglas- us to live with it. When I first arrived in Odessa, many reporters have written, that I helped the girl allegedly snatched her bag from the hands of robbers. It's nice that someone has tried, wrote me a beautiful story. In fact, there was nothing. Of course, if in front of me someone stole something, I would not stay on the sidelines. Just like any other person. But the right thing to do - it's a natural reaction, I would not consider myself a hero. I can play Captain Poldark, can be a dwarf of "The Hobbit", to save the world in any other picture. But this show. My real life is a little more boring than the life of my characters. This is normal.
You have worked with many talented actors and actresses. With whom have you had the most comfortable to divide the shooting area? - Probably, Eleanor Tomlinson. This incredibly talented actress, with whom we have shared a lot of scenes in the new season of "Poldark". My character, Ross is married to her Demelze, they have an uneasy relationship, and our job - to play so that the audience believed it. You understand that when two actor playing a married couple, in any case they have to communicate. I am glad that we get along with Eleanor. When one of us that something does not work, we will not break, exercise patience. And, of course, we discuss their scenes together to achieve the highest quality results. It is important.
I love the team working on "Poldark". Though I must admit that in every project, where I worked, there were people with whom I would gladly crossed again. Perhaps the day is not enough to call all. I was lucky to have cool people.
Before joining the movies you worked as an apprentice electrician. Were there any skills from that period?
- I have nothing to boast of (laughs). My dad - electrician. As a teenager, I for some time followed behind him, he was waiting in the wings, but mastered by only a few basics. To be honest, a little sorry I did not inherit the father's knowledge. If need be, I can replace a light bulb.
On the screen you are able to be different - and a dwarf, and a vampire, and artist-rebel. screenwriter and director - Do not try myself in a new incarnation's time?
- In my opinion, is not the time. It is possible that I will fall kakomto stage project, for which I'll put on director's cap. But as I head in the roles: I received tempting offers, and I see myself as solely an actor. In August, I'm leaving for a few weeks in Massachusetts, where I will participate in the filming with Sam Elliott. In September, I will return to filming the fourth season of "Poldark" - it will take me to the end of the year. Then he plans to play in the play.
If you still have undertaken to lead the film project, what genre would prefer? - Comedy.
Since 2014 you a regular guest of the Odessa International Film Festival. How has the festival for three years?
- The festival is growing: the program is expanded, a selection of films has become more interesting, the number of visitors has increased. Everyone with whom I spoke on this topic, confirm that from year to year, the festival grows stronger, his incredible potential. So I like to come here.
This year you starred in a promo video for OIFF. What's it like - to play himself?
- I like it. But it should be noted, it was only one version of me. I played the actor - apparently, the actor Turner. For me, this role is not very different from that of any other representative of my profession, which was in an unfamiliar city and trying to "find" your character. He arrives in a new place, and before you go on stage, imbued architecture, people and music. He, like all of us, inspiring new places and experiences.
We are working with a wonderful crew, and it seems that everything turned out perfectly. I can not wait to see the result on the big screen.
This Promo video that everyone should find their movies. What the movie did you come to Odessa?
- Do not know yet. I'm going to Odessa not for any particular film and the festival, from which programs are always delighted. During the first or second of his visit to Odessa, it is here, at the film festival, the first time I looked, "Boyhood" Richarda Linkleytera. This tape is very impressed with me. That's what is remarkable Odessa Festival: incredible genre and thematic variety and a single random movie.
Complete this sentence: "If next year Aidan Turner return to Odessa, it would mean ..."
- Next year? I have no idea! (Laughs.) I do know that I like you exactly.

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