Wednesday 1 February 2017

Radio Times Covers Party: A Street View

Radio Times Covers Party, Poldark
Photo: Official Poldark
When there's an event that the cast of your favourite TV show are going to, how often have you thought, "If I lived there I'd go and see them arrive"?  I know I have! Well, I don't live in London but, when I heard the Radio Times Covers Party was on the 31 January I felt fate had dished this up for me because I happened to have an afternoon engagement in the area that very day. I decided to do something I've never done before and go along to Claridges to watch the arrivals.

I'd expected a good crowd of onlookers so I was pleasantly surprised to arrive around 6.45 pm to find only a dozen or so people waiting. Most were professional autograph hunters and there were a couple of freelance photographers and a couple of Poldark fans. Everyone was friendly and there was an air of expectancy as we waited for the guests to arrive, unsure of which entrance to Claridges they would use.

I have been to Claridges before, to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug press conference in 2014.
Photo: evie bowman for Middle Earth News
That had been held in the same room the Covers Party now occupied, so I knew the set-up, which helped somewhat.

Guests soon started to turn up and it was rather exhilarating going from one entrance to the other to try to catch people as they arrived. And what a polite crowd we were! Everyone asked permission before taking a photo and there was none of the frantic pushing I'd experienced from professional autograph hunters at the Poldark screenings at the BFI.  And here a particular mention for the Doormen. I had quite expected to be moved on or, at the very least, be given a hard stare but no! They happily allowed us to wait around the doors. Top marks to Claridges and its Doormen I say!

I saw Ruby Bentall (Verity) and Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) arrive and had a chance to give executive producer Damien Timmer our best wishes for Poldark for the evening. Before going in to the party Ruby spent time talking to the autograph hunters, some of whom had met her before. She then posed for photographs. I saw Eleanor with a fan, signing a picture and posing for a selfie.

Away from Poldark I was most pleased to see the screenwriters Andrew Davies (War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice, House of Cards) and Steven Moffat (Sherlock, Dr Who) and of course, Mary Berry - well, who doesn't love Mary?

The last of the guests arrived (and yes, they were late) and I thought of heading home when a rather strange thing happened. The first guests started to leave!  This left me in a quandary. Should I stay or should I go?  With the chance of getting pics of Eleanor and Beatie Edney and maybe even Aidan. I decided to stay a while longer, knowing Eleanor's car was parked outside. I got a glimpse of Aidan as he went from the party to the hotel, looking very cool in a dark blue bomber jacket, shirt and jeans, but no chance of a photo I'm afraid. Eventually, with no sign of our Poldark stars leaving, I headed home.

So, was it worth doing? Well, yes, in that it was an interesting experience.

Would I do it again? Probably not! I am glad to have tried it once though.  It's yet one more adventure in my blogging life!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

Radio Times Covers Party, Poldark
Ruby Bentall Aidan Turner  Selasi Gbormittahat
via @RubyBentall

Radio Times Covers Party, Poldark
Aidan Turner Karen Thrussell by @beatieedney

Official Poldark
Damien Timmer
Ruby Bentall and Beatie Edney via @beatieedney

Debbie Horsfield and Eleanor Tomlinson via @beatieedney

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