Saturday 25 February 2017

Aidan Turner: All Clued Up

Aidan Turner as Kili in The Hobbit

How impressive is this?

Aidan Turner has made The New York Times crossword!

The crossword on 23 February, 2017 contained the clue: Actor Turner of "The Hobbit" (56 Across). The answer, of course, is "Aidan". Aidan played the dwarf Kili in The Hobbit trilogy, prior to starring in Poldark.

Hilary Stillman, a Poldarked reader who regularly does The New York Times crossword, brought the puzzle to my attention saying, 'This is a big deal, as a public person has to have a certain level of recognition to be used as a clue. I've done the puzzles for a long time and this is the first time I've seen Aidan Turner recognised in this way.'

It's certainly the coolest crossword clue I've seen!

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Many thanks to Hilary for sharing this story with Poldarked.

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