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Aidan and Eleanor on Ross, Demelza and Each Other

Ross and Demelza Poldark
Photo: BBC
We all know Ross and Demelza have had their ups and downs, so what do Aidan Turner (Ross) and Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) say the upcoming series of Poldark has in store for the couple?

Aidan: Demelza and Ross are spending less time together which makes sense for the story and is good because it gives us both different directions to go; Ross goes to London and Demelza takes the driver's seat in Cornwall - running the mine and trying to find work for people. Demelza and Ross are in a good place, they have been through so much together and they have found common ground; both of them are trying to be better people and make it work for their family and they’ve got to a place where for now, it works and there is a sense of contentment or peace in their relationship that they’ve never really had before. They make this pact early on to be good to each other and it is an important one.

Eleanor: Ross and Demelza come up against problems this series because Ross becomes a spy and Demelza is excluded from that, as he doesn’t tell her what is going on in order to protect her.
Ross and Demelza’s relationship is a very modern one and I believe that is why people have loved them as a couple, because they are relatable. Their lives aren’t perfect, Ross has cheated, as has Demelza, there is dishonesty in the relationship but there is also a lot of love and passion. Their relationship is very honest and it has been wonderful portraying that.

What has it has been like to work alongside each other for five years?  

Aidan: I have always really enjoyed filming my scenes with Eleanor because she is such a brilliant actress and we get on so well so it was strange not to film as much together. But I did miss doing as many scenes with Eleanor this year. However, on the very last day it was just myself and Eleanor filming bedroom scenes in Nampara and it was poignant to spend that last day with Eleanor in quite an intimate situation, it made sense.

Eleanor: I love Aidan; we have a very fun relationship. We work very differently which actually works really well when we are filming and is part of the reason we have such great chemistry on screen. We are fiery with each other, staying true to our characters and I will really miss working alongside him. He has been a huge part of my life and a great friend.

Poldark returns to BBC One at 9 pm on Sunday, 14 July.  Can't wait!

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