Thursday 1 November 2018

On the Street Where Ross Lives

There I was last summer, watching  Poldark  and totally absorbed in series four, when suddenly I was brought back to reality by the sight of Ross (Aidan Turner) leaving his London home. Surely his lodgings were in what, back in 2009, we fans of Being Human called 'Becca's Alley'?

Now I know many of you have watched Being Human but, in case you haven't, 'Becca's Alley' is the location of a very important scene in the first episode of the show, where Mitchell (Aidan Turner) has to decide whether to save Becca's life. And now here was Ross Poldark striding out of his house right opposite the very spot where Becca had lain!

I was so convinced it was the same place that, on a recent trip to Bristol, I went to check it out. The passage itself is a private alley just by St. Nicholas Market and there, unmistakably, was Ross Poldark's house, just a pace away from where Becca had 'died'.

I wonder what went through Aidan's mind when he found out where Ross was living?

Site of Ross's lodgings on the left and Becca's death scene on the right.
Photo: Bristol Film Office

Jessica Harris, Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey in 'Becca's Alley'  Being Human S1 Episode 1

Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey in Being Human S1 Episode 1

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