Friday 1 June 2018

Snippets from the BFI Q&A for 'Poldark' Series Four

Debbie Horsfield, Aidan Turner and Karen Thrussell
Photo: Evie Bowman for Poldarked

Writer Debbie Horsfield, executive producer Karen Thrussell and Ross Poldark himself, Aidan Turner, made up the panel for the Poldark series four Q&A at the BFI last month. Here are some snippets from the evening:
  • Asked his favourite line from all the series of Poldark Aidan squirmed, "I'm sitting beside the writer! That's so unfair!" But once the laughter had died down he said, "I just want to get the line right. There is a line when Ross and George are on the beach and they're looking out to sea and he says, 'Belief is a beautiful thing.' I do love that line," and we all clapped in agreement.
  • Aidan feels Ross regrets his night with Elizabeth more than he regrets saving Hugh Armitage. He said, "If he'd known what was going to happen, I like to believe Ross still would have saved Hugh Armitage. It's hard to talk his way out of the other one though. It nearly ruined his marriage and it upset a lot of people so I think that's a huge life regret. I think it's incredible that they're still friends, Ross and Elizabeth. They've come back around which is great. It wasn't one of his finest moments though."
  • Aidan and Eleanor sometimes race the horses across the beach after filming. He's very competitive but says Eleanor wins,"...all the time. She has a better horse, a faster horse. No. She is, actually, a very experienced rider. And she has the handicap of riding sidesaddle. It's really difficult to gallop a horse riding sidesaddle and she overtakes all the time. Seamus isn't happy about this either!"
  • Does Aidan mind that we enjoy his shirtless scenes so much? "No I don't at all!" he said, then quipped, "Go for it!" to much laughter.
  • The fifth series of Poldark was officially announced at the Q&A. Debbie said they are in discussions about how far they take the story in Series 5 but, obviously, they are not going to be able to fit five books into one series.
  • Demelza doesn't have any new songs on series four.  Are we going to hear Ross sing? "Noooo. I'm not going to do that," laughs Aidan. "There was a carol in series four," Debbie reminds him, to which he asks, "Was there? Was it okay?"
  • On Garrick Aidan said, "I do love him y'know. It's just that, it's something I shouldn't say here because people think I dislike this furry, little animal and he's gorgeous. But he's a working dog so you just don't get affection and he's hunting out for the treat all the time. He's a little bit snappy! He's a bit of a scene stealer. He's adorable. He's a lovely dog. He just works more than me!"
  • Debbie writes Poldark at a treadmill desk. She walks about ten miles a day while she works!
  • Aidan said he has to keep relatively fit just to fit into the costumes to which Karen quipped, "We make them super tight."
  • On returning to the stage in Lieutenant of Inishmore Aidan said,"It's been a while. I'm slightly anxious but I'm excited to do it. I know a lot of the cast and I know Michael Grandage quite well. Yeah, I dunno. I'm just excited."
Here are some photos from the evening:

Aidan Turner

Luke Norris

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