Tuesday 29 May 2018

Poldark S4: Ciara Charteris is Emma Tregirls

Ciara Charteris as Emma Tregirls  Photo: Official Poldark

For Ciara Charteris, filming in Cornwall provided her with the opportunity to engage in an outdoors activity few people would be brave enough to attempt.

‘I love to wild and cold-water swim so for me being in Cornwall was amazing as on any mornings off that I had I could be in that sea which was wonderful, even though it was September. My mum and my grandma both really love it and so we have been camping and wild swimming since I was really little. Everyone else on set thought I was mad, especially the night I turned up to dinner soaking wet, but it was really fun. Cornwall is such a beautiful place and there are so many incredible places to swim so for me, it was a real joy.’

Ciara tells us why she was originally drawn to the role of Emma Tregirls.

‘I had been in to audition for a few other roles when they first started casting the drama but the reason I wanted to play Emma was because she was so different to anyone else in the show. She is so rough and ready and even though we see a slightly more gentle side to her this series, she really holds her own and has a lot of strength. It has been great to play a character in a period drama who is not so scrubbed up. Just like her father, Tholly, Emma has a sense of rough and readiness as well as an incredible confidence and inner strength.

'She is also quite outrageous; I have some of the best lines. For the rest of my life I will always remember the fact that I got to say the line; ‘I have been with many men in the hayfields.’ Who wouldn’t want to play someone who loves life and men so unashamedly? She has this incredible zest for life and that is a real joy to play as an actress. She has this cheekiness and she takes on anyone that she meets so she has been really fun.’

Ciara reveals that she couldn’t be less like the character she plays in Poldark.

‘Emma and I are completely different people. In fact, when friends realise that I play her they are completely taken aback and are pretty shocked. I am much more uptight and reserved, I need control whereas Emma is all about the fun and is totally free-wheeling and constantly skipping and dancing through the woods which I would never do without sussing out who is watching. However, playing this role has definitely forced me out of my own head more than ever before.’

Ciara tells us what is in store for the fun-loving Emma, this series, including the tumultuous romance with Demelza’s younger brother, Sam Carne (Tom York).

‘We see Emma fall further for Sam this series and all of the trouble that that brings. Emma has never met anyone like Sam before, so at first we see her want to take on the challenge in a fun way but there are genuine feelings there and it takes her by surprise that she is capable of feeling that much. Sam sees her in a way that she doesn’t even see herself and that is really tough for her but in a good way that happens to you when you are falling in love. However, she is also true to herself so their differences are very tricky. There is this really gentle, loving soul in Emma that is completely reflected through Sam and there is a really fun side of Sam who wants to experience life outside of his religion, which is brought out and reflect in Emma. So there is something beautiful that happens when they are together.’

Ciara has worked on period dramas a lot but she has never had to play a role like Emma whilst wearing a period corset. She tells us what that was like.

‘Last series Emma spent the whole time in her rags but this year, because of the time period, Emma gets a corset and dress. Corsets are not the easiest thing to live in day-to-day and it has given me a lot of respect for our former women. But it does also feel really great to know you can just be squished in every day. Wearing a corset suddenly enforces a posture and a different way of carrying yourself as it transforms the way you would regularly sit, stand or move. Corsets are a garment usually associated with ladies belonging to a higher societal class but Emma is wearing one whilst she sits in the pub and drinks beer so trying to find her very unique mannerisms whilst wearing the costume was very interesting and a lot of fun.’

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