Thursday 25 May 2017

Ross and Demelza: A Happier Time

The events of Poldark series two led to a make or break situation for Ross and Demelza but series three sees them still together.

"I think it is a happier time for them," Eleanor Tomlinson says at the press preview, "They've decided to work together as the great team that they are. It's a decision Demelza has made, to stay with him because she still loves him and wants to be with him. So she has to move on."

Eleanor Tomlinson. Photo Evie Bowman
But she's still trying to work out what's going on with Ross. "Yeah," says Eleanor, "That's marriage!"
And what are Aidan's thoughts? "Ah, um,well..."
"Aidan wasn't listening!" teases Eleanor.
"That's marriage, right?" he quickly quips  to much laughter!

Executive producer Karen Thrussell explains,"There's a certain amount of avoidance going on."
"Yeah," Aidan picks up on this, "There's a lot of that. If Ross isn't thinking about it or talking about it, it's not really happening. There's a lot of denial so he just keeps himself busy, taking his mind off that pressing concern until there's a real reason to think about it. It's interesting playing someone like that. If he just involves himself in something else he can detach himself from reality." He adds wistfully, "It's quite a talent!" and everyone laughs.

Aidan Turner Photo: Evie Bowman
Aidan thinks Ross is a good father. "He's kindhearted, a hard worker, morally responsible. He's a caring man, not a lazy fellow. He'd be inspiring for a young kid. Someone to look up to. A good dad."

But will Ross be taking his shirt off this year? "Am I keeping my clothes on?" Aidan responds like it's a non-issue for him. "I think the clothes stay on this year - yeah. Maybe there's some topless sleeping. I don't know. Honestly, I can't remember. The clothes come on and off so easy these days!"

You can find out for yourself very soon. The new series of Poldark  starts in June on BBC One.

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