Wednesday 24 August 2016

10 Snippets from BFI Poldark Panel

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Here are a few titbits from the BFI Poldark Q&A.
  • Debbie Horsfield (writer) said, "We've never called him (Ross) a hero."
  • Mammoth Screen refer to the show as Planet Poldark.
  • There are nine episodes in series three covering one and a half books (The Black Moon and The Four Swans).
  • Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) said on filming in bad weather, "There was that scene on the cliff where we were  literally squeezing each others hand to say when to speak."  "Yeah!" said Aidan, "And then you still have to try to keep that emotion and not make it look like a crappy panto."
  • Aidan thinks a fight scene with George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) more fun than a love scene with Eleanor.
  • Eleanor explained how the sex scenes are funny and unglamorous because they're highly orchestrated. Aidan joked, "We just get on with it.  It's like the real thing - it's really awkward."
  • Debbie said it was realistic for Aidan to be shirtless in the mining scene as it's hot underground. "Real hot,'"quips Aidan to much laughter,"I dunno, you just oil yourself up and get on with it y'know."
  • Aidan said this year he'd taken a few months off to 'do normal good things' and feels rested up. Last year he was tired coming into the filming as he'd done three or four jobs beforehand and that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do.
  • Aidan on filming: "I'm probably Ross Poldark more than I'm Aidan Turner in those six or seven months."
  • A schoolfriend of Aidan's gave him what she thought was one of his first ever videos, her college showreel.  "Get outta here! Don't hand to anybody else,' he jokingly threatened, 'It'll stay with me."
The BFI recorded the Poldark Q&A but, because of spoilers, have yet to decide when to post it online.

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