Monday 1 February 2016

Update on Voting in Jameson Empire Awards

Poldark, Jameson Empire Awards, Best TV Series
Here's a little extra information for all of you voting Poldark for Best TV Series in the Jameson Empire Awards.

We've been in touch with Empire and the good news is that you can vote as many times as you like. The bad news is that you'll only be entered for the competition to go along to the ceremony, once.

We're also aware that some of you have been wondering who's eligible for the Best Actor and Best Actress categories, so we've found out about that too!  These categories are just for film, so no entries for Ross and Demelza there.

Marguerite Peck, Senior Event Producer for Bauer Media told Poldarked, 'I can confirm that television actors and actresses will not be included in the Best Actor/Actress or Best Newcomer categories...With regards to the voting, yes a person is able to vote multiple times but they will only be put forward for the prize draw competition once.'

Nominations close on 12 February so let's get voting!

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