Wednesday 20 January 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Poldarked interviews Heida Reed

When Poldark hit the screens in March 2015, one of the break out stars was Icelandic actress, Heida Reed. With parts in Toast of London, Silent Witness and DCI Banks, as well a number of theatre credits, notably in Scarlet at the Southwalk Playhouse in 2015, Poldark is Heida's biggest role to date. Heida was born Heiða Rún Sigurðardóttir in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 22nd May 1987. She moved to London to study drama, graduating from the London Drama Centre in 2010, taking the stage name, Heida Reed.

Heida Reed (picture credit, Jeremy Selwyn).

Heida kindly agreed to answer some of our questions on Poldark, and her role in the current series of the hugely popular BBC One murder mystery show, Death in Paradise, as well as telling us her dream pizza.

Darker times ahead for Elizabeth (picture credit BBC).
Without giving too much away, would it be fair to say Elizabeth has a darker arc in series 2. Has this been challenging to play and if so how?

Yes it would be fair to say that. Actually, playing constant composure like in series 1 is kind of harder. This storyline gives me more places to go with her.

Elizabeth's choices and actions seem very much dictated by women's extremely constrained role in those days. Do you think she would have made the same choices had she been a 21st century woman?

Honestly I don't know. I'm not sure Elizabeth would be the most progressive of women in today's society. Obviously her situation would be different in terms of education and independence, but I can't say whether she would make any different choices romantically. It's sort of an impossible thing to think of really, as your environment is what shapes you as a person and obviously it would be very different in the 21st century.

Heida as the elegant Elizabeth (picture credit BBC).
One of the things I liked about Debbie Horsfield's adaptation was that a friendship develops between Elizabeth and Demelza. How do you feel about the way the women interact with each other in Poldark, both the novel and show?

I think they are both very good hearted women and can see that in each other to start with. It's sometimes easier to decide to care for someone who you feel threatened by than to be jealous of them. Obviously things change later on in the story and their friendship does takes a turn for the worse.

What's been the best thing about being in a hit show like Poldark and have there been any downsides?

The best thing for me is the people I'm working with. I've met some of my best friends on this job and I will be forever grateful to Poldark for that. In terms of its success, the best thing about it is we get to do it again. Downsides are mostly just stuff like being away for long periods of time and maybe missing out on things with friends and family. But that's the industry we're in.

Heida Reed, Death In Paradise, Poldark
Heida as Eloise (picture credit @ReedHeida)
We're excited by your role in Death in Paradise. What can you tell us about your episode and character? Also, how hard was it having to spend time in beautiful, sunny Guadeloupe filming?

It was just awful. Ugh, the white sand and the clear sea and the piña coladas. Who would want that? ;) The episode is about the murder of a model from a fashion show that was on the beach. I play Eloise, one of the other models from the show who becomes a suspect. Guadeloupe is pure heaven.

Heida in Iceland (picture credit @ReedHeida)
Do you ever get to speak Icelandic these days and have you tried teaching it to any of your castmates? If so how did they get on?

They're not the best. They tried to learn some when some of them came to visit me in Iceland last summer but I'm pretty sure they've forgotten it all. I of course still speak Icelandic to my family and my friends back home.

We know you're partial to pizza, so what's your dream pizza topping, where would you eat it and who with?

So simple. I just want some nice cheese and garlic. Sometimes I go for mushrooms and pepperoni but not always. It's always best at home with a friend and a nice glass of red.

How do you feel about being New Life Magazine's Woman of the Year?

Honestly I feel like there are probably a lot more women who've accomplished more admirable feats than I have last year. But it's an honour to be thought of as a role model and as someone who people find successful.

Fans love seeing your updates from the Poldark set on twitter. How do you find Twitter from your end and is it ever a bit daunting?

It was at first. But I've learned to keep it balanced. My followers are so lovely and sweet, it would be hard not to enjoy their comments. 


Heida is on Twitter @ReedHeida  and Instagram where she posts pictures and updates from the Poldark set.

You can catch Heida's episode of Death in Paradise on Thursday 21st January, 9pm on BBC 1. It will also be available on iplayer after broadcast.

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