Saturday 11 October 2014

Poldark Director Talks About Trailer Leak

Director William McGregor has posted his thoughts about the leak of the Poldark trailer earlier this week on Tumblr.

He explains that the trailer was meant for sales and was of different quality and content to the one the public will see.  But he also comments on how heartened he was by the good response to the trailer on Twitter.

Here is what he says:

'Oct 10 -
The Poldark trailer was leaked this week. At first I wasn’t at all happy about it, as the grade and graphics where completely wrong. The trailer was meant for sales, not for the public. So it wasn’t something that I’d had much involvement in. I’m glad the trailer has now been taken down, as I think its important that we control the first impressions we make with the show, I have a strong vision for the program and feeling a lack of control over the content that went out was terrifying. But the truth is I can now see that a lot of good has come from the trailer leaking… mostly due to the reaction on twitter. Which I must admit I’m relishing in. Its very exciting to see people buzzing about what we are up to. I can’t wait for the show to air. I’m confident its going to be golden. Another plus side is I can repost this beaut of a screen grab*, from my second day of filming down in Cornwall. 

*even if i have regraded it slightly :) '

Screen grab via William McGregor

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