Monday 15 September 2014

Win Aidan Turner's Bottle of Hobbit Wine

Source Middle-earth News

Here’s your chance to win Aidan Turner’s bottle of The Hobbit wine for just a 10 Euro raffle ticket!
The wine was given to Aidan by Peter Jackson when filming on The Hobbit wrapped. Aidan, who plays the dwarf Kili in the trilogy, has donated it to the Dingle International Film Festival to raise funds for their ninth festival which will take place 12 -15 March, 2015.

Tha raffle will be drawn on 12 December, 2014 to coincide with the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Here’s some information about the prize from Dingle International Film Festival
“The Hobbit Wine is in a presentation box crafted by the world-renowned Weta Workshop (winners of five Oscars and 4 BAFTAs). Weta Workshops have worked with Peter Jackson on The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, The Adventures of Tintin and many more fantasy films.

“Only thirteen of these Hobbit Wines were made, one for each dwarf. One lucky person will be the only person in the world to own the wine given to KILI. The “Dorwinion Wine,” favoured by the Elves of Middle Earth, comes in a hand blown bottle with a paper label and wax seals on the front, a tag with Elvish writing is hung around the neck of the bottle. The bottle was packaged in a custom-made box, signed by the actor Aidan Turner, decorated with an image of the dragon Smaug and a Dwarven prop coin from Smaug’s hoard is attached to the sliding front box cover. This coin itself is very desirable as it was used in filming, and no screen-used props from The Hobbit have been released to the general public. The prize also includes a signed and framed photograph of Aidan as the dwarf KILI.”

All pictures via Dingle International Film Festival

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